Sunday, 26 December 2010


We made into week two!
WE made it, YOU guys made it, ALL OF US made it! XD
Me and SMERSH just making this happen, but moving force behind this project is you guys!
Thank you for your support.
First things first. Let me tell you about some changes we made during last week:

- Countdown Timer. The coolest thing ever! You can find it at the bottom of the page and it will let you know how much time left till the end of current week.
- BHB Chat Room. Another cool thing! :) Can be found at the bottom of the page and it does not require registration so feel free to drop by.
- Image Hover Over Effect. We decided that it will be nice to add some interactivity so some of the pictures now will "react" when you hover your mouse cursor over them.

This project were meant to be as interactive as possible, so PLEASE, don't be a stranger!
If you think that something might be improved - let us know.
If you think that something could be done differently - let us know!
Have cool ideas on how to enrich the "game-play"? Let us know! Help us to make BHB better by sharing your ideas!

We would like to personally thank: Vuki, Kalebon, DAHR, ShadOR, Pass, Fizzz and everythingle one of your for support and words of encouragement. Week Two guys. Let's see how long we will be able to survive!

P.S. We aware that blogpost voting system, that we are using right now, sucks monkey balls. If you have any ideas on how to improve the voting - let us now. Contact us via SMERSHCOOLDOG@YAHOO.COM, leave a comment here or in the BHB Chat Room.

This all we wanted to say this week! Proceeding to the update!
Broken Heart Bordello WEEK TWO!

Question: Wanna play some dice?
Answer: (....well it was 78 votes for "Bet 1 Coin" and 78 votes for "No, Thank you. SMERSH in his infinite wisdom decided to flip a coin, so the answer chosen is:... drum roll!........ BET 1 GOLD COIN! Yay!)...

I could not afford myself to spend money gambling... But it would not hurt much to bet only one gold coin. I did, and I won. In gambling is important to quite while you are still winning... Which I did, leaving the tavern with one extra gold coin in my pocket.


Question: How much does BGM irritates you.
Answer: I don't mind it.
Well, Guess then we will keep it for now.


Question: Should I...
Answer: ...hire some workers to repair Room#1.

I need more room for what I have planned! Much more! This house would've sufficed but it almost completely totaled. It will take time before I will returned to it's original form but any journey starts with the first step.
It was not difficult to find a couple of workers who would like to make some extra gold. It cost me 8 coins, but as soon as room is ready to use I will return this money in no-time!


Question: What should Chizza do this week, Master?
Poll Result: Get a job in the local tavern.

I was sitting in my office recounting my money and enjoying quaet afternoon in my house... Something I were sure would never happen. The room smelled the same way as I remembered it, and warmth from a fire place was putting me in a good mood.

53 GOLD coins... Not bad. I guess me and Chizza could live from this money for a month or two. But if all you do is spend, then one day you will simply run out of money. I guess I could get a job, but this is not what I am here for, this is not what I spent 10 years preparing myself for!
Chizza spent last week roaming around the house aimlessly. I promised to give her a purpose, and I usually keep my promises.

So I decided to sent her to local tavern to look for a suitable job. Tavern would be the best place to for her to work because not only she would bring some money home she could also be "my eyes and ears" and provide me with useful information on city life.

Chizza followed my orders without any hesitation. It's amazing how much she changed since I meet her first time. What happened to that poor, lost, terrified woman I found crying on the floor one week ago? No she looked much more confident, vibrant and almost younger. Never the less you could see your age right away, plus that ridiculous dress she was wearing. As soon as I have a chance I have to get her a new dress.
Chizza returned. She looked sad.

- What happened?Did you get the job? - I asked her, putting gold coins back into bag.

- Yes, Master... And no...- She gave me a uncertain look.

She did got a job. Not as a barmaid though. They took her as a dishwasher... The payment on this kind of job will be laughable and and she will spent entire time at the kitchen washing dishes, that pretty much cancels out my "eyes and ears" plan.
Nobody like to be rejected in anyway... I looked at her... She turned into her miserable-self once again. If she will to remain look like this there is no way the will ever promote her to barmaid. I really need to do something about her appearance.

- Hey -

She looked at me.

- It's not your fault. Everything is gonna be OK. I'll take care of it - I assured her.

She seemed to be relived to know that I am not mad at her. Chizza looked at me and gave me a weak smile...


Question: How are you going to spend next week, Master?
Result: Exploring the city.

So I decided to spent some time exploring the city. I mean it is been 10 years, I bet many thing have changed since then.

I decided to go towards Central Market Neighborhood. Us I went do the street I noted that Central Market remained almost the same. Same seemingly endless rows of all kind of stores and tents celling all kind of goods, people of all kinds of appearance from allover the world. Somebody is looking for stuff to buy, somebody is trying sell something and everyone is trying to rip-off one another. Oh, I remember this all too good. I used to know half of this God damn city... And yet I could not recognize anyone of all those hundreds of people passing me by... Suddenly I felt like a stranger in my own home-city...

An old, battered sign caught my eye and distracted me from my sad thoughts. "TAILOR". For reasons that shall forever remain unknown to me the sign instead of being hang on the building, like it's usually done was just standing on the ground leaning towards the wall.
A tailor, huh?... Maybe I should take a look.

I interned the store. from inside it looked much smaller then from outside and the ceiling was so low that I almost hit my head.

- Welcome, Milord. How can I help you today? - and old woman, probably an owner, greeted me. She was at least 70 years old, but by the way she moved and talked you could say that. My main goal for now is gathering of information so I decided to spent some time chatting with her.

She was an old lonely widow. The store used to belong to her husband who deceased long time ago. She was quite lonely since then, but she mentioned some girl named Sheila who was helping her around the house and were like a granddaughter to her.
Oldwoman had an extraordinary talent for sewing and back at the day the business used to be blooming. After her husband died she never got married. Now she is just some lonely old lady how is sewing nothing but peasant's robes.

-The way you say it, woman, makes me think that you do not like to much - said I.
She looked at me: - Do not get me wrong, Milord: I love to sew. It is the only thing I am good for. It is just - She paused.
I looked at her with interested: -What? What is it? -
She let out a sigh: - I wish I had something better to sew then those plain peasant robes...-
I looked at one of the many wooden manikins dressed in a simple peasant dress: - Like what for example? -
She hesitated and then gave me a look which (if she were to be at least 40 years younger i would interpret as "dirty": -Something exiting -

I looked at another manikin. This one was dresses in a mock-up of something that looked like some kind of noble dress with big cleavage: - I tell you what: I might need a few, em... "unconventional" dresses some time soon. How about you start working on some designs for me and I will drop by next week and take a look what have you came up with? - I looked at her and smiled.

Old woman raised an eyebrow: -What do you mean by "uncoventional", Milord? -
I gave her another smile: - Surprise me! -


Balance last week:
53 GOLD coins.
- 4 GOLD coins on uokeep. (Food).
- 8 GOLD coins paid to workers.
+ 1 GOLD coin. (dice game).

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Grand Opening!

To explain what exactly BHB will
take a long time, plus the whole concept is still quite blury even in our heads... If any of you are familiar with AKABUR's "Disposable Loli" project th
en it is like taking "Loli" onto A whole another
level... You will still have choice which will be determined by voting.
1 week of game time equals one week of actual time. Every week whole thing will be updated and new set of choices/polls will be released.
So far we
have 5 pages of the story which (hopefully) will
progress with time.
If you have any questions feel free to post a comment or send an email SMERSHCOOLDOG@YAHOO.COM.


So have fun now.
it's a first week don't have much to say.