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- 4 GOLD (Upkeep).
- 1 GOLD (Payed to barman at the tavern)

Chiza Status Card Change:
Energy: -1

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Finally, Room#1 is ready to use, I decide, that the best way to make money out of it right now, would be to rent it out. I go to the local tavern, with that thought in my mind and see Diastra sitting at her usual table, loudly arguing with two men, which are unfamiliar to me. Well, I will have a chance to talk with her later, I need to talk to the barman first.
I decide to buy a drink, just to get his attention. We chat about unrelated stuff for a while, but then I start to talk about business, I let him know, that I have a house with an empty room in it and ask him if he, by any chance, knows somebody, who might be interested in renting it, to my surprise, the barman says that he could name at least two people, who might be interested.
-Who are they?- I ask curiously.
-The first guy is a monk... I think... he's been here yesterday and the day before, and I am pretty sure, that he will show up again. He says, that money is no object and, that he just needs is a roof over his head for a month or so...-
-Money is no object, you say...- I scratch my jaw. -...what are the chances, that he didn't find a room yet?-
-I'd say, pretty high.- The barman refills my pint, as I rise my brow. -He is err... how shall I put it? ...A sketchy looking fellow- He continues.
I look around the room and say: -Who isn't?-
-...I don't know how to describe it, but you'll understand what I mean, when you see him.-
-Em... OK, what about the other guy?-
-The other guy?-
-Yeah, you said, that you could name at least two people, so tell me about the other guy.-
-Oh...- He pauses, to give anbother guest a drink. -"He" is actually a "she".-
-A woman?-
-Yes, but I don't know much more about her. I've never even seen her, her maid was visiting the tavern for the last few days, asking for a room to rent for her mistress.-
-OK... so I assume, that you didn't let her in either, what's so odd about her?-
-Why would a noble want to live in my rathole? There's gotta be something fishy about her, and I have enough trouble already as it is.-
-I see... so how can I get in touch with them?-
-Don't worry about that, I will let them know, that you have an empty room, when they show up next time.-
-Thanks.- I toss a gold coin to the barman.


I finish my drink in one gulp and try to leave, when a barmaid appeares infront of me, seemingly out of thin air. She says in a low voice:
-I heard, that you have a room for rent.-
-You're well-informed, huh?-
-That's part of my job,- she smiled. -So, do you?-
She takes me to the nearest empty table and we have a short conversation. She tells me, that she sometimes performs "special" services to customers, if they are generous with their tips. The owner of the tavern does not approve of that kind of behavior, and giving handjobs in the back alley behind the tavern is... inconvenient. She says that, if I would provide her with a room, to do her thing stress-free, she would share 30% of her profit....
I tell her, that I will think about it and leave the tavern. I need to talk with the other two candidates, before I can make up my mind.
Diastra's Quest.

The tavern was just like always, the smell of cheap rum and the noise of people having fun, was all over the place. I've never had a reason to come here, but I always return. For information, or perhaps for company, I can't find out what's going on in the city, if i just hide in an old house for the whole time.
Diastra invited me to join her, as soon as I had entered the tavern. She whispered quietly: "I need your help again, there's something, which needs to be done, but every criminal I know, is either too stupid, or too crooked to do it." She gave a murderous look to a barmaid, as the girl approached before continuing. "I need access to the house of the captain of the guard of this district. He's old, ugly, fat, corrupt, and generally worse than most of the guards by far, and he encourages his men to imitate him, I'm going
to take care of him."

I was glad, that my hands were under the table, because they were already clenched into fists, blood trickled, where my fingernails cut into my palms. My voice was deep and cold, when i said: "Killing a guard captain would be a treat, but they'd find us, and if they wouldn't, then they'd find many other people for the hangman, to keep the fear of the people alive." I forced a grim smile to jerk onto my lips. "And business would be much tougher in the future."

Diastra nodded understandingly and leaned forward to whisper again, which brought her ample cleavage even closer to my eyes. I concentrated on the little monkey-creature, which she kept as a pet, so I wouldn't stare. The little bastard cowered under my gaze and promptly climbed down onto her massive chest, burrowing between her breasts, like it would be a warm nest, that nearly mesmerized me, but Diastra's voice broke through. "I don't need him dead, I need to get into his house. He gets paid every week, and everytime he he gets his money, he goes out and enjoys whores and booze for days."
She smirked as she noticed, where my eyes were pointing at and her fingertips casually petted the little creature, nestled in her cleavage, as she continued. "His wife is basically his slave, she's young, pretty, stupid and nothing but a trophy, but she's too afraid to leave him. She manages to get some money from him every week, but shespends everything, either on food or in this tavern. She has no friends, because everyone is afraid of her husband. I want you to find her and convince her, that you're her friend, to get the key to their house, but don't harm her. A dead wife, would call his attention to my plans."
Those bastards killed my family, there was no real law in the city, not unless the guards wanted it to be there. They just killed everyone, they wanted to, and if they'd find out, that I am plotting against them, nothing would save me. Diastra seemed to read my mind, she continued to stroke her pet as she murmured. "I will make it worth your time, you'll get fifty gold, the first half of it now, the other half, when you deliver the key."
I looked at the little creature again, emboldened by her shameless display. "Fifty gold, and I'd get to take the place of your pet there?"
She casually took her chest in one hand and gave me a vicious smile. "You want these? You'd never be able to afford them." A cruel light burned in her good eye. "But for this favor, perhaps... one time only... if you only take 20 gold, but if you ask for a second chance, or shoot in my hair, I'll cut your balls off."

I sat back, considering my options:
-agree to help and get the key for 50 gold
-agree to help and get the key for 20 gold and a titjob from Diastra
-refuse to help, it's too risky

Morning... somebody is knocking on the door confidently, definitely a man. Maybe a potential tenant?
A man wearing some kind of robe is standing on the doorstep of my house. His head is shaved, which symbolizes his dedication to whatever path he is following. He is considerably shorter than me, but his shoulders are almost as broad as mine.

-Live long and prosper. A humble follower of S'kean Huad greets you.- He says in low voice.
I invite him in. We have a short conversation, in which I am doing my best to figure out whether or not he could bring some extra trouble into my life. He says, that he is nothing but a peaceful pilgrim (I doubt that...), which is looking for a place to stay and that money is not a problem for him, because this world is
apparently full of people, who just love to share their money with the followers of a religion, which nobody ever heard of, like himself.
Everything about this guy is raising my suspicion, but he says, that he will pay upfront for four weeks, and he would like to move in right away. Four weeks... 7 gold coins per week... 28 coins... I need money, but I
decided to meet that mysterious lady before I make my decision.
Afternoon... another visitor, two visitors to be precise. A noble woman and her maid, I don't see any carriage outside. Did they walk here all the way, from the Imperial

The noblewoman is good looking and relatively young, she is wearing a typical travel dress of a noble. Her maid is wearing a hooded cape, which covers her entire body and the upper part of her face. The woman doesn't say much about herself, nor about the reason, which makes her to want to rent a room in the Cheapside. I ask her a few questions, but she avoids direct answers skillfully.
She seems to be an ideal candidate at first, but a problem appears, when I ask her about the payment, apparently she doesn't have any money, and I mean she doesn't have any money AT ALL. It's obvious, that she is very embarrassed by the situation, but that really isn't my problem. If I don't start to make money soon, I will starve to death myself, she is tries to convince me, but I already lost interest in her and ask her to leave.

She comes up with a proposal in the last moment: She asks me to let her in for one week, she will pay me 3 gold coins right away and I can have her girl-servant for one night. I am hasitate... and
take a look at her servant-girl, she seems to be startled by her mistress' words. I decide to make a counter proposal, I will let her and her servant-girl stay in the room for one
week, if she gives me 3 gold coins right now and, if i can I spend a night with her servant AND her at the same time... the noblewoman seems to be outraged by my proposal,but she says nothing... she hesitates... I can see, that she is not the kind of woman, which would normally agree to something like that, but I can also see, that she is really desperate.
She agrees, just as i predicted. I wonder what possibly could've happened, to make a well educated noble lady like her, accept such a proposal, nevertheless I need to consider everything carefully.I lead the Lady and her servant-girl out.

I have the following options:
1. A bold bishop with crazy eyes, who wants to move-in for an entire month and is willing to pay upfront. (+28 GOLD)
2. A noblewoman, who could only pay 3 gold coins, because she lost nearly all of her money, but she is willing to get naughty and force her servant to do the same, to afford
the room for one week . (+3 GOLD)
3. That waitress from the tavern, whose payments might be somewhat irregular, because it depends on how much gold she will be able to make herself. (+?? GOLD).

Sunday, 23 January 2011



- 4 GOLD (Upkeep).

Chiza Status Card Change:
Hygene: Full Refill.
Health: +1
Energy: Full Refill.
Happiness: +1
Morale: +1
New item added to the inventory: "Chizza's Old Dress".



The Western Cemetery is quite different, from the one I visited last week, it is much wider and most of the graves look clean and tidy. This cemetery is also divided into
different sectors, by narrow passages. I take a closer look at a few of the nearby graves, as I walk around in the cemetery and see that some of them have little decorative
fences around them and all of them have gravestones, with metal or wooden name tags. This cemetery is mostly occupied by hard-working citizens, who did something
good for the city, or soldiers who lost their life in battle. I had major doubts, that a man who was marked as an enemy of the emperor, would be allowed to be buried here,
but I decided to take my chances anyway... also, this cemetery has a caretaker, he might be able to help me... that is, if he is working here long enough already...

I enter the caretaker's building.
An ancient man is sitting behind the desk, something that looks like a battered journal is lying in front of him on the table, and an opened bottle of some beverage is
standing next to his right arm. He doesn't acknowledge my presence in any way, so I decide to speak out first:
-I am looking for the caretaker of this cemetery.-
The old man replies: -He is in front of you, Milord.- still avoiding to look at me.
-Have you been working here for a while, old man?- His attitude starts to irritate me a bit.
-Since I buried my entire family here...- He takes a sip from the bottle, which, judging by the smell, is some strong alcohol drink. -In other words, long enough, Milord.-
-I am looking for the grave of a particular man.- I decide to cut to the chase. -There is a chance, that the man I am looking for, was buried here about 10 years ago...-
He takes another sip from the bottle and says: -I assume, that you are related to him?-
-No, but I knew his family. I will give you a gold coin, if you'll be able to find and point out his burial spot for me.-
-It has been a long time, since I stopped to care about money, Milord... since I stopped to care about everything... give me a minute...- He stood up from his chair:
-I will have to look into the archives... what was his name, Milord?-
-Deemias... he was a mining engineer... and the owner of the Western mountain mines.-
-Please take a seat, Milord, the search will take some time.- says the caretaker as he's going through a pile of papers in one of the cabinets.
It takes a few minutes, but then he finally finds another battered journal and says -Here.- with satisfaction.
I have to wait a bit more, before he's able to find the entry.
-...Dee-mi-as... Is this your man?- he asked, handing over the journal to me.
I take a look at the entry... "Deemias. Mining engineer". No special marks or anything, there's an unfamiliar name in the column "siblings", probably one of the miners...
-I keep everything in order, Milord, I'm not sure why though... please, follow me.-
We both leave the building.
-This one.- he points his finger at one of the graves, a path is leading to it... not one of those paths, which are dividing the sectors, but one those which are created by
countless foot prints... someone is visiting the grave regularly. I guess there are some people, who remember my father even after all those years... that is, if
it is in fact his grave. I try to make out a name, from a rusty name-tag screwed to the gravestone, ..."Deemias"... no signature, just a name.
Father... a few ore rocks and an old, rusty pickaxe are lying on top of it, instead of flowers.
I kneel before the grave and put my palm on the ground... and it makes me feel like a little part of that weight, which I was carrying on my shoulders dissappears.
Father... I finally made it. I am back. And now that I found you everything will be alright... your name will not be forgotten... ... ...everything will be alright... suddenly,
I feel a rush of anger. Nothing is going to be alright! Ever!... All kinds of thoughts rush through my head... I guess I lost track of time...
I take a deep breath and stand up. The caretaker is still nearby, seems like he has something to say.
-Deemias, he was the owner of the Western mines, before the accident. I remember now, Milord, I remember, that it was announced that he was responsible for the
death of all those miners, but everyone knew that it was not true. He was a good man... not like that son of a dog Ahemel.-
The moment I hear the name, I let out a curse. - Did you say, Ahemel? That scumbag is still around?-
-Yes, Milord. Ahemel is in charge of the Western Mountain and Green-pine mines now... like he did not have enough money as a imperial treasurer already. I heard,
that he not only takes half of the money, which the miners make, for himself, sometimes people are being forced to work at the mines. People literally give
their lives, to make his moneybag and his belly fatter.

Ahemel... I am surprised, that no one has cut his throat already, and saved me the trouble of doing it myself. But you're not only alive, you also seem to be doing great, you
worthless piece of dog-shit. Enjoy it for a while... when the time comes, then neither your golden cage, which you have put yourself into, nor your imperial guards will be able
to save you. It is just a matter of time...

I found my fathers grave. I feel much better now, and much more confident. But I knew that there is a long way ahead of me. I need people, I need money... and for now
I need to concentrate on the development of my "business".


I was planning, to pay a visit to my new favourite tailor, but, when I opened the door, some cute little creature bumped right into me.
-I apologise, Milord.-
The young woman bowed to me and continued to stare at me, with an interested look in her face.
Then she said: -I am such a klutz today.- with a smile, which exposed almost all of her 32 white teeth.
-Please, come inside.-
Suddenly, I realized, that I am still standing on the other side of the threshold, staring at the girl in a rather rude manner.
-Granny! Granny, you have a customer!!!-
She started to call the shop owner, before I had a chance to reply.
As soon as I entered the store and greeted the owner in a usual manner, the girl started to point at one of the manikins and the dress on it, and explained, why it would be a
good decission to buy it, then she switched to another one, before I had any chance to react.
The old woman let out a sigh: -She's such a restless child... would you stop talking for a second, Sheila, before you make the nobleman angry at you?!-
Sheila blinked and looked at me, as if she'd be waiting for me to get mad, but she gave me an innocent smile, when she saw, that I remained calm.
The old woman let out another sigh: -Sheila is my little helper, she is a kind girl and has a gift for sewing too, but unfortunately, she will never succeed in life, because she is
completely discourteous!-
The old woman glanced at Sheila with pretended anger, but Sheila retaliated against that right away, by squinting her eyes and showing the shop-owner her tongue, then she
smiled at me again.
The old lady told me, that Sheila keeps this shop clean and tidy and performs all kinds of tasks for her, in exchange for an opportunity to "play" with wires, knitting and
needles, well, actually she did much more than just "playing" with them, the girl had a gift, she showed me a few of her own designs, which were surprisingly good.
She said, that sometimes she is going from door to door, trying to sell them, but people never take her seriously.

-So, shall we talk business, Milord?- The shop-owner looked at me with interest, and so did Sheila.
I reply with much more enthusiasm than necessary: -Absolutely! I hope my order is ready?-
-Of course! I finished it yesterday, Sheila bring the dress.- Sheila was already holding the dress, when the old lady finished talking.
-I hope you will be pleased.- Said the old woman, waiting for my verdict.
I touched the fabric, pretending that I know what I am doing... I did not know much about dresses... but it looked fine for me.
-Everything looks fine.-
I took the dress and left the store.

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Welcome to another week, and thank you for staying with us for all this time ;)

This week we would like to thank DAHR for providing an illustartion for the Cheapside Cenetery story-line :)

And of course as usual SilentChiLL for proofreading all the texts.

P.S. Chizza's status card will not change this week and will still say week for, because week 5 is still in progress. Just so that you would not think that we forgot to update it.

(Week #5) 44 GOLD
- 35 GOLD payment for the new dress
- 4 GOLD upkeep
+ 5 GOLD rest of the payment from Diastra

This room is clean and ready to be used.... It is pretty warm and somewhat cosy. It has fire place, big coffee table, huge sofa and two beds. Chizza will be using this room as her personal space for now.

ROOM №1:

Two of Disatra's men showed up at my doorstep this morning. They checked all the seals on the crate carefully, to confirm that it hadn't been opened during this week, while the crate was in my possession. Satisfied, they gave me the rest of my payment (5 GOLD coins). When i was watching them preparing the box for transportation, I couldn't help but feel relieved, that I was smart enough to keep it intact.
It is possible that, that box contained some illegal goods, which are worth hundreds of gold coins, or a princess, which was kidnapped from an exotic country and put into anabiotic state for easier transportation or, for all I know, it could've been full of potatoes. It doesn't matter, I know how people operate on these streets and I am more than sure that Diastra was testing me with that crate. And I passed with flying colors, she might become my first serious contact with underground of the Cheapside.


ROOM №2:

New windows and a new ceiling, but piles of dirt on the floor. Should I grab a freaking broom and do it myself?!


Welcome to The Cheapside.... Sketchy place to say the least....
It is dirty, it smells and you would never meet a city guard here...
Great place to get robbed, killed, raped or worse.... .... But, hey... It is home.....


The CHEAPSIDE CEMETERY is right behind the Cheapside district.
One could see right away, that those graves mostly belong to poor and simple people.
Some of the graves didn't even have any grave stones, or any other signs, which could indicate the identity of the deceased.

I explored the cemetery and walked between graves for some time, but every name, which I was able to read on the old unattended gravestones, were unfamiliar to me. My father's body might be in one of those nameless graves... if so, I might as well give up right now...

But I somehow had the feeling, that his body wasn't here. Way to many people cared about him, I couldn't accept the fact, that a man like him would be in one of thosenameless graves.I need to continue my search. There are 2 more cemeteries in the city... which one should I investigate next week?

Nothing changed here, since my last visit.
The Merchants still sell their "goods". How the hell, was I planning to become one of the regular customers here, when my moneybag gets smaller and smaller every day...?

I visited this store almost every week, since I discovered it and I gotta admit: that Old wench had a gift - most of her designs are very impresive and quite "unconventional".

I greeted the store owner in a usual manner and started browsing through the dresses.
-Your grand daughter... the other day you told me, that you have a granddaughter.-
I said, as I was checking out another ridiculously expensive dress.
The Old woman raised her eyebrows.
-Sheila? Oh, she IS like a granddaughter to me, but we aren't related by blood, she is just a kind and sweet girl... and she is exceptionally pretty, would you like to meet
her, Milord? I'm sure she will be back soon.-
-Maybe next time.-
I look at another dress, 70 GOLD coins? Is she insane? Although the fabric is so soft and smooth and more importantly completely transparent... I can't help, but imagine Chizza in that dress for a second.
-Please do not get upset Milord, you are my favorite customer.-
She pauses and adds incoherently:
-(Although you did not buy a squat from me yet.)-
I ask her loudly, with as much bass in my voice as possible:
-What was that?-
-I said, you are my favorite customer, Milord.-
She bows down infront of me.
-Come by next week, I am willing to bet, that you will like my new creations.-
Old witch... but she's got a point. I was the one, who ordered her to create all those dress designs, and I just come here once a week, look at
what she has created in the past week and then leave without buying anything. Maybe it's time to actually buy something, I mean, I have some money, so why not?
-This one.-
I point my finger towards a mannequin, which is dressed in a maid dress.
-How long will it take you to finish it?-
The Old woman, who was acting somewhat slow untill now, is suddenly full of life and energy:
-One week, Milord! Come by next week and it will be ready.-
-Good, I'll see you next week.-
I'm turning around and about to leave.
-Oh, right... it costs 35 GOLD coins, doesn't it?-
Seeing that, there are only a few coins left in my moneybag, after paying for the dress, makes me wonder, if it was a wise decision to buy that dress...
I leave the store.

Sunday, 9 January 2011



We had some minor problems with this update, but it all good now.
Thank you for your support, thank you for encouraging us!
It will only get better and better from now on. Let's turn this thing into something awesome together, guys! :)

SPECIAL THANKS goes to our proofreader/editor SilentchiLL.

- - - - - - - - - -
36 gold coins

- 2 upkeep
+5 (Chizza’s salary)
+ 5 (for the package)

TOTAL: 44 gold coins
- - - - - - - - - - -

Chizza Status Card Cahnge:
+ 1 Chizza’s fatigue
- 1 Chizza’s hygiene
+ 1 Happiness.


This time, I decided to explore the Cheapside, that part of the city was notorious for various reasons... to be robbed at the daylight here, is a common thing.
I was more than prepared to face any threat, which I could possibly meet at this place, and yet it's always a good idea to approach it with great caution.
I was passing one house after another, all the buildings here look the same way as the people who occupy this place did: filthy, broken and hopeless.
Dimar used to own a business here, I wonder if he is still alive....
A few times some kids attempted to steal my moneybag... seems like these days the way of crime, was taught here since childhood already.
One of the streets led me to some kind of little square packed with people, the Cheapside Marketplace, where petty thieves pretend to be merchants, and
try to sell stuff, which they stole from actual merchants the night before. Being in a crowd of people brought back memories... my father's executing... I
clenched my fists...
I don't even know where his grave is... or if they actually buried him...
Suddenly, I heard a voice: "Sir, kind sir."
I turned around, an old man was sitting in the shadow, of one of the buildings. He looked quite ancient, I guessed that he was homeless, but the majority
of the population, of the Cheapside looked like that. He was missing one of his legs, but to encounter people with missing limbs, was also quite common here.
The Old man looked exhausted or maybe sick.
-Kind, sir, would you please help an old man, I need to get home, but I am too weak.-
-So what do you want ME to do about it, old man? Carry you there?-
-Please, kind sir, nobody would help me and the heat is killing me, I need to get home!-
-Not my concern.-
I was about to leave then I glanced at him for the last time... his crippled leg... or the part of it that he still had anyways... there was something odd about it...
but I could not quite figure out, what it was...
-Kind sir?-
-Your leg...-
-My leg...?-
-Yes, old man, your leg! What happened with it?-
-Oh... I was a miner, sir. One day, there was an accident...-
Just like I thought. My father used to own a mine, injuries like that weren't uncommon.
-Which mine was it-
-The one at the western mountain, sir.-
-...Do you remember the name of the owner?-
-I do! That mine used to belong to a great man, me and all the other miners, holded him in great respect, his name was Deemias.-
-Do you know, what happened to him?-
-Tragic story. He was accused of treason and executed... and his family was put in prison... although I remember rumors, that they were never able to get their
hands on his son, the boy simply vanished after the incident. The Miners used to say, that the young lad will resurface again one day, and bring vengeance,
but I never believed that, the boy was no-good, all he did was spending his father's money on alcohol and women. I'd say that young people like that are the
root of all evil, back in my days...-
-What happened to the body?-
-The Body?-
-Yes, what did they do to his body after deemias was executed?
-Oh. We, the miners took care of it. Our Master was executed like a criminal, but for us, he still was a great man.-
-So the miners buried him properly...-
-Yes, we did.-
-Do you know where the grave is?-
-It happened a long time ago kind sir, this old mind does not remember things properly anymore...-
-Was it a city cemetery?-
-I believe so...but I'm afraid that's the only thing, which I can tell you, kind sir.-
...I extended my hand to him.
-Let's go-
-Kind sir?-
-Come on old man, grab my hand, I will take you home.-
-Thank you kind sir, thank you so much, you saved this old man's life!
-Is it far away?-
-It's in the Narbour District, kind sir-
-WHAT?! That's on the other side of the city!-
-That's why I am so grateful for your help.-

After I took the old man to his house, I returned to the Cheapside.

The City has 3 cemeteries. There is a chance, that my father's grave is at one of them. I need to find it, I owe him this much.

Living room.

I wonder why master told me to stay at home this week.
I watched Chizza preparing a diner for us.She has worked the last two weeks at the tavern, and she has also taken care of me and kept the house in order.
Must be tough, but I've never heard a complaint of her.
Her dirty dress was covered in all kind of stains, some of them were new from her work at the tavern kitchen. I look at Chizza's face, she looked tired... her
eyes became full of that sad loneliness again... she looked the same way, as the day, when I met for the first time 3 weeks ago... She looked pitiful... I didn't like that...
We had a simple supper, prepared partially from the food she was able to swipe from her workplace. She was a decent cook, but there was something else,
she was much better good at...
-Yes, Master. Did you enjoy the meal, I made for you?-
-Yes I did, and now I would like to thank you-
I hugged her and looked into her eyes... She is much shorter than I am, I kissed her on the forehead, and somehow it felt at that moment, as if I'd be much older than her.
I kissed her again, this time on her lips. She put her tongue into my mouth fiercely...
-You've been missing me, huh?-
-Always, Master-
This week will be a good one. #^_^#

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So here we go.
Broken Heard Bordello: Week Three.

(Q:Should I play some dice at the tavern? A:No I should not.)
I'm not a lucky gambler, and I do not believe that one can get rich by gambling... it only leads to troubles, although I have to admit that it could be somewhat exiting, but I'm not looking for any additional excitement in my life... well, not yet.

(Q:How should I spend next week? A:Gathering valuable information in the local tavern.)

I used to have friends in this city... used to have connections... it is all lost now. I have to start from scratch. It is true, that I will need money to execute my plan, but I'll also need people. I need to re-establish the connections I used to have. I need to know a guy, who knows a guy, and there a no better places to meet new... acquaintances, than a tavern. I decided to spend this week lurking in the tavern, fishing for information.

(Q: What will be Chizza's task for week #3? A: Keep working at the tavern.)
I decided to let Chizza work at the tavern for another week, for some reason it helps me think, when there is no one in the house. Oh, right, those workers... they did a pretty decent job with Room#1, all it needs now is some major cleaning, and after that I could rent it out to someone, or... hm... or I can use it the way, I wanted to use it originally: to serve customers.
Chizza is too old for that kind of thing, plus I would prefer to keep her for myself as my personal toy for now, and I cannot afford to buy any slave-girls yet... I guess, I will have to do some recruitment... I better keep my eyes open for suitable candidates from now on....
...Hm... I wonder if I should tell Chizza to stay in the house for the next week, so that she could rest, and I could take a break too, and enjoy her company...

(Q:Should I spend some GOLD? A:Arrange room #2 repairs.)
No matter how you look at it, the more space I have available in the house, the more money I will be able to make, so I decided, that i won't stop repairing the house. I hired the same guys and paid the same amount of money (8 GOLD).

42 gold coins
- 2 Upkeep. (Upkeep is lower this week, thanks to Chizza)
- 8 (paid to workers (fix room #2)
- 1 (payment for a drink in the tavern)
+ 5 (Chizza’s salary)
TOTAL: 36 gold coins

Chizza Status Card Cahnge:

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