Sunday, 2 January 2011


Changes that were made during last week:
- Page layout.
- Poll System. This new one should be glitch-proof, also you will have one extra voting point every 24 hours. In other words you can vote every 24 hours
to advance the choice that YOU like, let us know what you think about it. IMHO: It's better than just giving one vote once a week. Tell us, what you think
about the new system.
- Status-cards. The status-card of the girls can be accessed from any page at any time. It's in the top left corner (under the week/balance bar).
- "IntenseDebate" commenting system. Thanks to the Vooki's help, we now have a new awesome commenting system, which takes a while to download and is a bit
glitchy, but so shiny and pretty, that we just can't help but love it, hopefully you will enjoy using too.
- Top Commenters Widget. This widget can be found to your left and is part of a "IntenseDebate" system, which is in our opinion quite awesome. We strongly
advice you to register, so that you can get an avatar and a "user reputation score" (which is useless but fun :)).
-Polls and Results. Starting this week we will try to post polls on different pages according to the events. For example, if the event is taking place in
the tavern the poll for that particular event will be also placed in the tavern. Results of the post will be posted separately and can be found at the
bottom of every page.

This all for now, as usual we thank you all for your support. Your participation and choices entertain us endlessly. We only hope, that we will be able
to entertain you with new storylines and content. :)

Also Special Thanks goes to SilentchiLL who was our proofreader for this week. Thank you, dude.

So here we go.
Broken Heard Bordello: Week Three.

(Q:Should I play some dice at the tavern? A:No I should not.)
I'm not a lucky gambler, and I do not believe that one can get rich by gambling... it only leads to troubles, although I have to admit that it could be somewhat exiting, but I'm not looking for any additional excitement in my life... well, not yet.

(Q:How should I spend next week? A:Gathering valuable information in the local tavern.)

I used to have friends in this city... used to have connections... it is all lost now. I have to start from scratch. It is true, that I will need money to execute my plan, but I'll also need people. I need to re-establish the connections I used to have. I need to know a guy, who knows a guy, and there a no better places to meet new... acquaintances, than a tavern. I decided to spend this week lurking in the tavern, fishing for information.

(Q: What will be Chizza's task for week #3? A: Keep working at the tavern.)
I decided to let Chizza work at the tavern for another week, for some reason it helps me think, when there is no one in the house. Oh, right, those workers... they did a pretty decent job with Room#1, all it needs now is some major cleaning, and after that I could rent it out to someone, or... hm... or I can use it the way, I wanted to use it originally: to serve customers.
Chizza is too old for that kind of thing, plus I would prefer to keep her for myself as my personal toy for now, and I cannot afford to buy any slave-girls yet... I guess, I will have to do some recruitment... I better keep my eyes open for suitable candidates from now on....
...Hm... I wonder if I should tell Chizza to stay in the house for the next week, so that she could rest, and I could take a break too, and enjoy her company...

(Q:Should I spend some GOLD? A:Arrange room #2 repairs.)
No matter how you look at it, the more space I have available in the house, the more money I will be able to make, so I decided, that i won't stop repairing the house. I hired the same guys and paid the same amount of money (8 GOLD).

42 gold coins
- 2 Upkeep. (Upkeep is lower this week, thanks to Chizza)
- 8 (paid to workers (fix room #2)
- 1 (payment for a drink in the tavern)
+ 5 (Chizza’s salary)
TOTAL: 36 gold coins

Chizza Status Card Cahnge:

(P.S. I'm not quite sure what happened but we don't have comment bar on the main page anymore... I'll try to figure it out till next week. For now you can use CHAT or leave a comment at any other room. )