Sunday, 23 January 2011



- 4 GOLD (Upkeep).

Chiza Status Card Change:
Hygene: Full Refill.
Health: +1
Energy: Full Refill.
Happiness: +1
Morale: +1
New item added to the inventory: "Chizza's Old Dress".



The Western Cemetery is quite different, from the one I visited last week, it is much wider and most of the graves look clean and tidy. This cemetery is also divided into
different sectors, by narrow passages. I take a closer look at a few of the nearby graves, as I walk around in the cemetery and see that some of them have little decorative
fences around them and all of them have gravestones, with metal or wooden name tags. This cemetery is mostly occupied by hard-working citizens, who did something
good for the city, or soldiers who lost their life in battle. I had major doubts, that a man who was marked as an enemy of the emperor, would be allowed to be buried here,
but I decided to take my chances anyway... also, this cemetery has a caretaker, he might be able to help me... that is, if he is working here long enough already...

I enter the caretaker's building.
An ancient man is sitting behind the desk, something that looks like a battered journal is lying in front of him on the table, and an opened bottle of some beverage is
standing next to his right arm. He doesn't acknowledge my presence in any way, so I decide to speak out first:
-I am looking for the caretaker of this cemetery.-
The old man replies: -He is in front of you, Milord.- still avoiding to look at me.
-Have you been working here for a while, old man?- His attitude starts to irritate me a bit.
-Since I buried my entire family here...- He takes a sip from the bottle, which, judging by the smell, is some strong alcohol drink. -In other words, long enough, Milord.-
-I am looking for the grave of a particular man.- I decide to cut to the chase. -There is a chance, that the man I am looking for, was buried here about 10 years ago...-
He takes another sip from the bottle and says: -I assume, that you are related to him?-
-No, but I knew his family. I will give you a gold coin, if you'll be able to find and point out his burial spot for me.-
-It has been a long time, since I stopped to care about money, Milord... since I stopped to care about everything... give me a minute...- He stood up from his chair:
-I will have to look into the archives... what was his name, Milord?-
-Deemias... he was a mining engineer... and the owner of the Western mountain mines.-
-Please take a seat, Milord, the search will take some time.- says the caretaker as he's going through a pile of papers in one of the cabinets.
It takes a few minutes, but then he finally finds another battered journal and says -Here.- with satisfaction.
I have to wait a bit more, before he's able to find the entry.
-...Dee-mi-as... Is this your man?- he asked, handing over the journal to me.
I take a look at the entry... "Deemias. Mining engineer". No special marks or anything, there's an unfamiliar name in the column "siblings", probably one of the miners...
-I keep everything in order, Milord, I'm not sure why though... please, follow me.-
We both leave the building.
-This one.- he points his finger at one of the graves, a path is leading to it... not one of those paths, which are dividing the sectors, but one those which are created by
countless foot prints... someone is visiting the grave regularly. I guess there are some people, who remember my father even after all those years... that is, if
it is in fact his grave. I try to make out a name, from a rusty name-tag screwed to the gravestone, ..."Deemias"... no signature, just a name.
Father... a few ore rocks and an old, rusty pickaxe are lying on top of it, instead of flowers.
I kneel before the grave and put my palm on the ground... and it makes me feel like a little part of that weight, which I was carrying on my shoulders dissappears.
Father... I finally made it. I am back. And now that I found you everything will be alright... your name will not be forgotten... ... ...everything will be alright... suddenly,
I feel a rush of anger. Nothing is going to be alright! Ever!... All kinds of thoughts rush through my head... I guess I lost track of time...
I take a deep breath and stand up. The caretaker is still nearby, seems like he has something to say.
-Deemias, he was the owner of the Western mines, before the accident. I remember now, Milord, I remember, that it was announced that he was responsible for the
death of all those miners, but everyone knew that it was not true. He was a good man... not like that son of a dog Ahemel.-
The moment I hear the name, I let out a curse. - Did you say, Ahemel? That scumbag is still around?-
-Yes, Milord. Ahemel is in charge of the Western Mountain and Green-pine mines now... like he did not have enough money as a imperial treasurer already. I heard,
that he not only takes half of the money, which the miners make, for himself, sometimes people are being forced to work at the mines. People literally give
their lives, to make his moneybag and his belly fatter.

Ahemel... I am surprised, that no one has cut his throat already, and saved me the trouble of doing it myself. But you're not only alive, you also seem to be doing great, you
worthless piece of dog-shit. Enjoy it for a while... when the time comes, then neither your golden cage, which you have put yourself into, nor your imperial guards will be able
to save you. It is just a matter of time...

I found my fathers grave. I feel much better now, and much more confident. But I knew that there is a long way ahead of me. I need people, I need money... and for now
I need to concentrate on the development of my "business".


I was planning, to pay a visit to my new favourite tailor, but, when I opened the door, some cute little creature bumped right into me.
-I apologise, Milord.-
The young woman bowed to me and continued to stare at me, with an interested look in her face.
Then she said: -I am such a klutz today.- with a smile, which exposed almost all of her 32 white teeth.
-Please, come inside.-
Suddenly, I realized, that I am still standing on the other side of the threshold, staring at the girl in a rather rude manner.
-Granny! Granny, you have a customer!!!-
She started to call the shop owner, before I had a chance to reply.
As soon as I entered the store and greeted the owner in a usual manner, the girl started to point at one of the manikins and the dress on it, and explained, why it would be a
good decission to buy it, then she switched to another one, before I had any chance to react.
The old woman let out a sigh: -She's such a restless child... would you stop talking for a second, Sheila, before you make the nobleman angry at you?!-
Sheila blinked and looked at me, as if she'd be waiting for me to get mad, but she gave me an innocent smile, when she saw, that I remained calm.
The old woman let out another sigh: -Sheila is my little helper, she is a kind girl and has a gift for sewing too, but unfortunately, she will never succeed in life, because she is
completely discourteous!-
The old woman glanced at Sheila with pretended anger, but Sheila retaliated against that right away, by squinting her eyes and showing the shop-owner her tongue, then she
smiled at me again.
The old lady told me, that Sheila keeps this shop clean and tidy and performs all kinds of tasks for her, in exchange for an opportunity to "play" with wires, knitting and
needles, well, actually she did much more than just "playing" with them, the girl had a gift, she showed me a few of her own designs, which were surprisingly good.
She said, that sometimes she is going from door to door, trying to sell them, but people never take her seriously.

-So, shall we talk business, Milord?- The shop-owner looked at me with interest, and so did Sheila.
I reply with much more enthusiasm than necessary: -Absolutely! I hope my order is ready?-
-Of course! I finished it yesterday, Sheila bring the dress.- Sheila was already holding the dress, when the old lady finished talking.
-I hope you will be pleased.- Said the old woman, waiting for my verdict.
I touched the fabric, pretending that I know what I am doing... I did not know much about dresses... but it looked fine for me.
-Everything looks fine.-
I took the dress and left the store.

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