Sunday, 16 January 2011



Welcome to another week, and thank you for staying with us for all this time ;)

This week we would like to thank DAHR for providing an illustartion for the Cheapside Cenetery story-line :)

And of course as usual SilentChiLL for proofreading all the texts.

P.S. Chizza's status card will not change this week and will still say week for, because week 5 is still in progress. Just so that you would not think that we forgot to update it.

(Week #5) 44 GOLD
- 35 GOLD payment for the new dress
- 4 GOLD upkeep
+ 5 GOLD rest of the payment from Diastra

This room is clean and ready to be used.... It is pretty warm and somewhat cosy. It has fire place, big coffee table, huge sofa and two beds. Chizza will be using this room as her personal space for now.

ROOM №1:

Two of Disatra's men showed up at my doorstep this morning. They checked all the seals on the crate carefully, to confirm that it hadn't been opened during this week, while the crate was in my possession. Satisfied, they gave me the rest of my payment (5 GOLD coins). When i was watching them preparing the box for transportation, I couldn't help but feel relieved, that I was smart enough to keep it intact.
It is possible that, that box contained some illegal goods, which are worth hundreds of gold coins, or a princess, which was kidnapped from an exotic country and put into anabiotic state for easier transportation or, for all I know, it could've been full of potatoes. It doesn't matter, I know how people operate on these streets and I am more than sure that Diastra was testing me with that crate. And I passed with flying colors, she might become my first serious contact with underground of the Cheapside.


ROOM №2:

New windows and a new ceiling, but piles of dirt on the floor. Should I grab a freaking broom and do it myself?!


Welcome to The Cheapside.... Sketchy place to say the least....
It is dirty, it smells and you would never meet a city guard here...
Great place to get robbed, killed, raped or worse.... .... But, hey... It is home.....


The CHEAPSIDE CEMETERY is right behind the Cheapside district.
One could see right away, that those graves mostly belong to poor and simple people.
Some of the graves didn't even have any grave stones, or any other signs, which could indicate the identity of the deceased.

I explored the cemetery and walked between graves for some time, but every name, which I was able to read on the old unattended gravestones, were unfamiliar to me. My father's body might be in one of those nameless graves... if so, I might as well give up right now...

But I somehow had the feeling, that his body wasn't here. Way to many people cared about him, I couldn't accept the fact, that a man like him would be in one of thosenameless graves.I need to continue my search. There are 2 more cemeteries in the city... which one should I investigate next week?

Nothing changed here, since my last visit.
The Merchants still sell their "goods". How the hell, was I planning to become one of the regular customers here, when my moneybag gets smaller and smaller every day...?

I visited this store almost every week, since I discovered it and I gotta admit: that Old wench had a gift - most of her designs are very impresive and quite "unconventional".

I greeted the store owner in a usual manner and started browsing through the dresses.
-Your grand daughter... the other day you told me, that you have a granddaughter.-
I said, as I was checking out another ridiculously expensive dress.
The Old woman raised her eyebrows.
-Sheila? Oh, she IS like a granddaughter to me, but we aren't related by blood, she is just a kind and sweet girl... and she is exceptionally pretty, would you like to meet
her, Milord? I'm sure she will be back soon.-
-Maybe next time.-
I look at another dress, 70 GOLD coins? Is she insane? Although the fabric is so soft and smooth and more importantly completely transparent... I can't help, but imagine Chizza in that dress for a second.
-Please do not get upset Milord, you are my favorite customer.-
She pauses and adds incoherently:
-(Although you did not buy a squat from me yet.)-
I ask her loudly, with as much bass in my voice as possible:
-What was that?-
-I said, you are my favorite customer, Milord.-
She bows down infront of me.
-Come by next week, I am willing to bet, that you will like my new creations.-
Old witch... but she's got a point. I was the one, who ordered her to create all those dress designs, and I just come here once a week, look at
what she has created in the past week and then leave without buying anything. Maybe it's time to actually buy something, I mean, I have some money, so why not?
-This one.-
I point my finger towards a mannequin, which is dressed in a maid dress.
-How long will it take you to finish it?-
The Old woman, who was acting somewhat slow untill now, is suddenly full of life and energy:
-One week, Milord! Come by next week and it will be ready.-
-Good, I'll see you next week.-
I'm turning around and about to leave.
-Oh, right... it costs 35 GOLD coins, doesn't it?-
Seeing that, there are only a few coins left in my moneybag, after paying for the dress, makes me wonder, if it was a wise decision to buy that dress...
I leave the store.


  1. You sure the dress got bought? 'couse I thought the votes where like 50 for plain pessant, 50 for the maid and like 100-150 for not buying it.

    Or did I dream that? O.o


    Huh, this comment system isn't the new comment system, it's the crappy old one.

  3. Ok, so I dreamt it. :\

  4. About the dress. On the last day of voting something unexpected happened: a lot of new votes were casted for "Maid Dress".

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