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We had some minor problems with this update, but it all good now.
Thank you for your support, thank you for encouraging us!
It will only get better and better from now on. Let's turn this thing into something awesome together, guys! :)

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- - - - - - - - - -
36 gold coins

- 2 upkeep
+5 (Chizza’s salary)
+ 5 (for the package)

TOTAL: 44 gold coins
- - - - - - - - - - -

Chizza Status Card Cahnge:
+ 1 Chizza’s fatigue
- 1 Chizza’s hygiene
+ 1 Happiness.


This time, I decided to explore the Cheapside, that part of the city was notorious for various reasons... to be robbed at the daylight here, is a common thing.
I was more than prepared to face any threat, which I could possibly meet at this place, and yet it's always a good idea to approach it with great caution.
I was passing one house after another, all the buildings here look the same way as the people who occupy this place did: filthy, broken and hopeless.
Dimar used to own a business here, I wonder if he is still alive....
A few times some kids attempted to steal my moneybag... seems like these days the way of crime, was taught here since childhood already.
One of the streets led me to some kind of little square packed with people, the Cheapside Marketplace, where petty thieves pretend to be merchants, and
try to sell stuff, which they stole from actual merchants the night before. Being in a crowd of people brought back memories... my father's executing... I
clenched my fists...
I don't even know where his grave is... or if they actually buried him...
Suddenly, I heard a voice: "Sir, kind sir."
I turned around, an old man was sitting in the shadow, of one of the buildings. He looked quite ancient, I guessed that he was homeless, but the majority
of the population, of the Cheapside looked like that. He was missing one of his legs, but to encounter people with missing limbs, was also quite common here.
The Old man looked exhausted or maybe sick.
-Kind, sir, would you please help an old man, I need to get home, but I am too weak.-
-So what do you want ME to do about it, old man? Carry you there?-
-Please, kind sir, nobody would help me and the heat is killing me, I need to get home!-
-Not my concern.-
I was about to leave then I glanced at him for the last time... his crippled leg... or the part of it that he still had anyways... there was something odd about it...
but I could not quite figure out, what it was...
-Kind sir?-
-Your leg...-
-My leg...?-
-Yes, old man, your leg! What happened with it?-
-Oh... I was a miner, sir. One day, there was an accident...-
Just like I thought. My father used to own a mine, injuries like that weren't uncommon.
-Which mine was it-
-The one at the western mountain, sir.-
-...Do you remember the name of the owner?-
-I do! That mine used to belong to a great man, me and all the other miners, holded him in great respect, his name was Deemias.-
-Do you know, what happened to him?-
-Tragic story. He was accused of treason and executed... and his family was put in prison... although I remember rumors, that they were never able to get their
hands on his son, the boy simply vanished after the incident. The Miners used to say, that the young lad will resurface again one day, and bring vengeance,
but I never believed that, the boy was no-good, all he did was spending his father's money on alcohol and women. I'd say that young people like that are the
root of all evil, back in my days...-
-What happened to the body?-
-The Body?-
-Yes, what did they do to his body after deemias was executed?
-Oh. We, the miners took care of it. Our Master was executed like a criminal, but for us, he still was a great man.-
-So the miners buried him properly...-
-Yes, we did.-
-Do you know where the grave is?-
-It happened a long time ago kind sir, this old mind does not remember things properly anymore...-
-Was it a city cemetery?-
-I believe so...but I'm afraid that's the only thing, which I can tell you, kind sir.-
...I extended my hand to him.
-Let's go-
-Kind sir?-
-Come on old man, grab my hand, I will take you home.-
-Thank you kind sir, thank you so much, you saved this old man's life!
-Is it far away?-
-It's in the Narbour District, kind sir-
-WHAT?! That's on the other side of the city!-
-That's why I am so grateful for your help.-

After I took the old man to his house, I returned to the Cheapside.

The City has 3 cemeteries. There is a chance, that my father's grave is at one of them. I need to find it, I owe him this much.

Living room.

I wonder why master told me to stay at home this week.
I watched Chizza preparing a diner for us.She has worked the last two weeks at the tavern, and she has also taken care of me and kept the house in order.
Must be tough, but I've never heard a complaint of her.
Her dirty dress was covered in all kind of stains, some of them were new from her work at the tavern kitchen. I look at Chizza's face, she looked tired... her
eyes became full of that sad loneliness again... she looked the same way, as the day, when I met for the first time 3 weeks ago... She looked pitiful... I didn't like that...
We had a simple supper, prepared partially from the food she was able to swipe from her workplace. She was a decent cook, but there was something else,
she was much better good at...
-Yes, Master. Did you enjoy the meal, I made for you?-
-Yes I did, and now I would like to thank you-
I hugged her and looked into her eyes... She is much shorter than I am, I kissed her on the forehead, and somehow it felt at that moment, as if I'd be much older than her.
I kissed her again, this time on her lips. She put her tongue into my mouth fiercely...
-You've been missing me, huh?-
-Always, Master-
This week will be a good one. #^_^#

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