Sunday, 18 December 2011


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Sunday, 6 March 2011


Hello everyone.
This week's update is somewhat limited and more then that it is also the last one. You can find new text at the office and that is it for this week.
Something been bugging me for a while now: Bordello is not turning out to be what we wanted it to be (something awesome) instead the way it is now it is some thing that is hard to define... Even after 12 weeks 0_0
So me and SMERSH spent a few hours on SKYPE discussing all that few days ago...
The result of that discussion is as follows: BHB will be put on hold starting this week. The blog still will be up but no updates will be made until further notice. I am not sure how long it will take before we will get back to BHB but when we do, the gameplay will be COMPLETELY different. We will (of course) keep the story, most of the characters and the balance the same. But game mechanics must be changed dramatically. I am not sure how long it will take us to finish all the changes, but I am more then sure that we will have to skip week 13.
Thank you for your support, guys. All of you. In fact the only reason why are we still keep going instead of giving up is your unconditional support.
Thank you.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hello everyone.
There is something I want to say that I meant to say to you guys for a while now.
Here it is; Me and SMERSH started this project having all kinds of ideas and crazy plans in our minds. We had to disregard some of them and the rest been changed, modified and sometimes even improved. What we have now as BHB and what me and SMERSH had in our minds at the very beginning is two completely different things. But it is OK. That is the beauty of BHB - it is constantly evolving, and it is difficult to predict what exactly will we have as a final result. It is exciting to work on it and we can only hope that it is equally exiting for you guys to follow it and to be a part of it. To be a part of this constantly changing thing.
Yes, all is good but there is one problem, though, that was buging me, I think for the past 5 or 6 weeks. What bugs me that it is I want this project to be huge and detailed, and I want to draw 2 or 3 pictures for EVERY sex scene (Even for Betica) every week, and some epic pictures to illustrate the main storyline, and add a lot of FLASH, side quests, characters, all kinds of clothes for the girls and devices like medieval BDSM sets, wooden dildos and such... But the problem is - I am just ONE man, and you wouldn't believe how much time does it take to keep this thing running. So EVERY week we have to do sacrifices and that frustrates the living crap out of me.
We don't have time for so many things... We had some plans for Sheila, but all she does lately is hanging around Tailor store. Tailor store itself has lost it's purpose for now and I doubt any of you, guys, are visiting it. It is been almost 3 MONTH, and bordello is still not opened... I want to add some extra rooms to the main house, but the only thought of how much it will multiply the workload - terrifies me.
And there is one more thing that already affects the quality of the updates - I am having finals in my Collage. The amount of work I have to do this days is insane. As a result I did not have enough time to finish the translation of SMERSH's text for this update and only half of it been uploaded with this update. But I had a little of free time on my hands today, so I finished the translation and I just uploaded the text to BHB. You can find it in the Living room. It will explain why we got only 3 GOLD coins from Betica and only 5 GOLD coins from The Noble Lady this week. Be warned, though, the text has not been proofread by our proofreader SilentchiLL so it probably will sound funny at some parts. I already sent this text to the Silent and as soon as he finishes editing it I will re-upload the new version to the LIVING ROOM.
So I will have my finals for another two weeks. So if I will not be able to provide enough illustrations or make updates of FLASH animations in rooms during next few updates it is because I probably will be busy with my finals. But no matter what updates will be made on time, as usual.
Well, I guess this is it. Thank you for your support. And Next update is in 4 days. Time sure flys.
(End of announcement).
EDIT: The text was proofread and uploaded.

50 gold
- 4 gold (upkeep)
- 1 gold (Naz)
+ 5 gold (from the noblewoman)
+ 3 gold (from Betica, because of the dirty room)
TOTAL: 53 gold

Chiza Status Card Change: fully refilled

Happiness +1


I was standing at a window, overseeing an empty street being slowly engulfed by darkness... I thought about my mission... It's been 2 months since my return, but I did not even get a little bit closer to my goal. Everything I got so far are some not particularly useful information and about 50 GOLD coins, that's not much... I located my father's burial place, but his soul as well as my conscience will not rest, until I have my revenge. And the one, who is responsible for everything that happened, is living his happy life in the royal palace and probably does not even remember those events...

I turned around and went to the bookcase, the old man managed to collect an entire little library here. I started to browse through the titles aimlessly, until I stumbled over father's working journals. The old man calculated the current profits, made prognoses about future excavations and kept track of active and inactive mines, the amount of ore extracted from a mine and other stuff like that, in those journals. I put journal aside... it wasn't such a bad idea to keep track of things, and writing down my thoughts, plans, ideas and generally everything that happens, might help me to put my thoughts in order...

I sat down in front of the table, opened a drawer, took out a piece of paper and dipped a quill into ink.


I finished another page of my journal and looked out of the window, it was completely dark outside... I guess I got a little bit carried away. It was very late, but there were still some thing, that I needed to write down. I opened a drawer and wanted to take another piece of paper, but I already used all of it. I guess I will have to buy some more paper tomorrow or maybe i could send Chizza instead. Well, it's time to go to bed now.

I decided to let Chizza know, that she can stay at home and rest next week, turned off the light and left the room. She was still awake and accepted the news as usual with nothing but gratitude and I stayed in her room untill sunrise...


Living room

It started to rain a few hours after midnight, the rumbling of the thunder outside woke me up. I tried to fall a sleep again, but I just ended up lying silently in a dark room,

listening to the rain drops, which were bombarding the window glass. The rain was going on and on and on... "the streets of the Cheapside will be covered in layers of mud

tomorrow" is what I thought to myself, when I tried to block the noise by putting a pillow over my head, but it didn't help much, I still couldn't fall a sleep.

I was thinking whether or not I should get up and pay a visit to Chizza, but I dropped that idea: it was already bad enough, that my night would be wasted, I didn't want to condemn Chizza to the same fate. I started to think about my past and my future, and things I have done and will do... and fell asleep without even noticing it.

But my sleep was interrupted once again. What is that noise? I sat in my bed, still half-asleep, trying to understand what was going on. Somebody was yelling at someone else. A man's voice. It was coming from the inside of the house. What the hell was going on?! I rubbed my eyes and hoped it would be a dream. Nope. Somebody was definitely screaming, definitely inside of my house and definitely about to regret it! I got up, now that I was fully awake, put on my clothes and rushed downstairs.

Chizza was standing at the corner of the office, holding her hands in front of her in a futile attempt to protect herself from a fat, fancy dressed man, who was gesturing wildly and got closer and closer to her. The merchant (I assumed) was threatening to "Teach a lesson to the owner of this house, his useless servants and the filthy whore, that brought him here".

Betica was trying to calm the merchant down verbally, but kept a safe distance from him, just in case. I caught her eye and didn't even have to say a word, my face

expression was speaking for itself:

"Who the hell it is??"

She nervously started her attempt of an explanation, but began to stutter after the first few words already: -"It's a friend, a customer... err... Well..."-

The day just started, but I was already in bad mood. The merchant seemed to be completely consumed by his own bravado and didn't even notice my presence. He made another step towards Chizza and raised his hand to slap her face.

I almost chuckled from the sight of that. I already waited for that worthless piece of shit to give me a reason to beat him to a pulp without any remorse. And now I had it.

I caught his hand in midair and the rest mere child's play. The guy was huge, but shorter than me and the element of surprise was on my side. The poor bastard already sat in a puddle of mud in front of my house covering his bleeding nose with his palms, before he realized what happened to him.

I shut the door loudly and looked at Betica. She forced a guilty smile.

The physical activity improved my mood, but just a little bit. I told Chizza to calm down and bring me some vine, then I grabbed Betica's arm and shoved her into the room.

She owed me an explanation and some coins for last week.


Apparently the guy was in fact a merchant, he sold leather or was supplying the local tavern with vine or something, I didn't really pay attention to the details. All I knew was, that he was just another unfortunate guy, who just happened to fall under Betica's "spell". The thing was, that he accidently put his hand into a puddle of a some kind of liquid, which was produced by a human body and left there by a previous customer, when she brought him into the room. According to Betica it wasn't the first time, that something like this happened, there were some complaints from other customers as well. Betica finished her story by putting 3 GOLD coins on the table in front of me. She added -"Your share of this weeks profit"- under my confused look -"People are complaining 'bout the room being a dump, I had to lower my charges to keep the clients happy. I think you should ask your servant to..."- The sound of my growling teeth made her swallow the rest of that sentence.

-"I AM IN CHARGE HERE!"- I stood up from my chair looking at Betica furiously. -"You needed a room?! I gave you one! If you turn it into a dump, then it is your responsibility to clean it! If you don't like it, there's the door - get the hell out of my house!!"- I was already alone in the room, when I finished that sentence. Betica squeaked and dashed out of the room somewhere in the middle of my little speech.

I sat back in my chair and looked at the 3 gold coins in front of me on the table.

-Milord, is it a bad time?- My other tenant, the noble lady was standing at the threshold. Good to see that she showed up by herself this time, instead of sending her servant.

I invited her in and she handed me a little, but heavy leather bag.

-"The money for next week."- she explained.

I weighted the little moneybag in my hand, is it just my imagination or is it a bit lighter than it's supposed to be? I opened the moneybag and poured the coins on the table.

One, two, three, four, five.... FIVE?

-"What is the meaning of this?"- I tried my best to stay calm.

-"Oh, that's right, about that..."- The noble lady paused for a second to choose her words -"Your maid, I do not know what she does all day long, but since she has not even

cleaned my room once, since I moved in. So I refuse to pay the full price for the room, until it will be cleaned properly... and regularly."-

I felt, that the rage was slowly taking control of me, so I inhaled as much air as I could and then exhaled slowly...

-"Listen to me now, lady. You are the one, who created that curtain of secrecy around yourself AND your room. How is it possible to clean your room when it is always locked

or guarded by your caped "guard-dog" ?!"- I was looking straight into her eyes, ready to explode.

-"Nonsense"- she replied -"Your maid is allowed to come in and do her job, whenever I or my servant are in the room. We never discussed it, but it is common sense."- and then she added after a short pause -"Although it might have been my mistake to expect such level of understanding from a common thug."- She finished talking was still looking at me, as if she'd be giving me the time to process all the information she just shared...

And to tell the truth, I really needed a second or two to realize, that she just insulted me.

Worthless whore! Two weeks ago you were liking my balls like a common prostitute and now look at you, full of dignity and condescension and so confident that I will not just throw her on the streets right now for being such a bitch!

But I wasn't in the mood to deal with her crap... so I decided that she will get her's eventually, as for now I just accepted the 5 GOLD coins and assured her, that everything

will be taken care of.


I finished the bottle of wine and called Chizza, she still didn't stop to shiver, so I put my hands on her hips and kissed her on her forehead.

-"You are going to stay home this week"- I said to her.

-"But, I thought..."-

I put my finger over her lips: -"Stay in the house, keep yourself busy and keep an eye on our tenants. All of them. I want to know what is going on in my house. Whether or not

that noble lady brings any guests to her room or how many men have been in Betica's room, I want to know everything.

Chizza nodded and said -"I understand."-


I stood up and decided to visit the Central Market.

The market filled the entire space of the central square, which is located at the crossing of 5 major city routes.

The flow of people around became more diverse and noisy, as I was getting closer to the square. Someone was in a hurry to buy groceries, while somebody else was rushing to deliver goods for sale. The houses surrounding the square mostly belonged to successful merchants and the working class, people who managed to get quite high on the social ladder, despite the fact of not being noble. Some of those houses were also occupied by stores and workshops, which belonged to the house owners.

The square was divided into three areas, the one on my left was mostly occupied by merchants selling wood, other building materials, hay and live cattle. I could also see the rooftop of the cathedral, poking out from behind the buildings. The one on my right was mostly occupied by merchants, who were specialized in selling meats, fish, fruits, pastries and wine. Behind those was the city administration located, just separated from the square by a few rows of houses.

And the center area was the widest, most packed and nosiest one. All kind of things were sold here, the products on offer varied from the locally produced things one would expect from a market, to exotic things, which had to be imported from countries far away.

The market looked like a huge beehive from a distance, with people like bees in constant motion. I was moving trough the central area, looking for a merchant, who sells scrolls, books and such.

It didn't take long to find one, I explained to the merchant, what I needed and he turned around looking for a suitable item in one of his bags, while I was browsing through some quills and strangely shaped sheets of paper on the display. Suddenly somebody bumped into me, I turned around expecting an apology, but couldn't see anyone, who would take responsibly for that. People were just passing by casually and nobody was paying attention to me. I instinctively checked my belt - just as I suspected, there were a couple clearly cut stripes of leather, where my moneybag used to be. Suddenly I registered some movement with the corner of my eye, a short figure was maneuvering between the people of the crowd and it got farther and farther away from me. I stormed after the thief, but tried to do it as inconspicuous as possible, in order to prevent him from noticing me, but it was really difficult to follow him without attracting attention. The thief was maneuvering in the crowd like a pro.

I on the other hand wasn't able to move trough the crowd, without bumping in every third person on my way. The small size of his body was working in this guy's favor, he was at least 5 times smaller than me, so I had to take a detour where he could just duck. Needless to say, that it didn't take long, until the crowd started to pay way to much attention to the commotion and the thief realized, that he is being followed. He glanced at me over his shoulder and tripled his speed, I tried to keep up with him, but it was hopeless. He was still in my sight, but way to far away and the distance between us was increasing. Suddenly his agility failed him, he glanced at me over his shoulder again, took too long and bumped into a merchant with enormous proportions. The thief (now I could clearly see, that he was a boy and about 12 years) fell on his butt. It helped me to shorten the distance between us a bit, but just when I thought, that there was still a tiny chance of getting my hands on his skinny neck, he got back on his feet again and ran away even faster than before. He was still in my sight though, so I could see him climbing on top of a pile of boxes with some goods. He reached the top, turned around for a second to check on me and then jumped on the nearby roof with the agility of a monkey. The merchants finally seemed to realize, what was going on and I could hear phrases like: "Catch the thief, he is there. There, there, on the roof! Catch him." Somebody was calling the city guards and I was still doing my best to try and follow the brat.

He was jumping from the roof of one little store to another, then on a tent and then back on another roof. I could see that he was heading to the warehouse area, probably hoping, that i would lose him in the labyrinth of buildings. Jumping from roof to roof slowed down his pace, so I was able to keep same distance between us, but then I suddenly stumbled over something, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle and was forced to stop. I cursed in frustration and looked at the ground, a boulder with a considerable size was lying near my feet. I picked it up and threw it at the thief, I didn't have time to aim, and the chance, that I would actually hit him, was little to none, but I guess lady luck was on my side this day - I got him! The boulder hit his left leg, right under his knee, made him stumble over his own feet and lose his balance. He fell off the top of the roof and started to slide down towards the earth, I could see him trying to grab onto something, but without any result. Limping and cursing angrily I started to run towards him.

He reached the end of the roof and somehow he was able to grab the edge with one hand, he furiously tried to climb back up, but didn't manage to do so. Thankfully the building wasn't very high, when I got to the place I simple reached up and grabbed onto one of his ankles. I pulled on his leg with great force and the boy fell on the ground with a loud "thump!". He already tried to get away again in the next second, I managed to grab him again, but he just made a sudden move and I was left with his shirt in my hand! At this point anger overcame me. I cursed loudly and dashed after him, ignoring the blinding pain in my ankle. I could see that the boy was limping now as well. I guess I pulled on his leg a little bit too hard, not that i cared about that at that moment. I wished I would've pulled hard enough to rip it the hell off! I was finally able to reach him, just when he was about to dive into one of the backstreets. With one last charge I was able to grab him by his hand, I could see a piece of metal blinking in his other hand for a second - a little dagger with a short blade. He attempted to stab it into my hand, but I intercepted his swing easily and the dagger fell on the ground. I grabbed him by his neck and shoved him against the wall. I spent a few seconds trying to catch my breath and saw, that the face of the boy started to turn red, because he could barely breathe.

I loosened my grip a bit and then I realized, that I've seen this boy before already. It was the same urchin, who assisted me recently, by throwing a tomato at the head of a guard and then I met him a second time, when he was leading me to the rendezvous with Diastra.

Little brat.

-You are one quick son of a bitch, do you know that? How the hell were you able to cut my moneybag off? I usually catch petty thieves like you red-handed.-

The boy obviously didn't expect me to start talking to him and looked at me with confusion.

I heard some yells from behind and turned around, a couple of city guards were walking in our direction and the boy looked at them hopelessly.

I chuckled -Today is your lucky day, brat. I have no intention of handing you over to those guards, especially not after almost breaking my neck, just to get you. Let's take a walk, what do you say? Just don't try anything stupid, I really don't want to hurt you. Oh, and by the way... give me my damn moneybag back!


We were sitting at a nearby pub and the little brat was finishing a big plate of chicken soup, every now and then washing it down with a beer. He had figured out by now, that I wasn't his enemy and was acting quite relaxed.

He was energetically telling me about himself, not forgetting to add some unrealistic details every now and then. He was a typical urchin, born in the Cheapside, just like me. He was already alone in his first memories, so he had no idea who his parents were. He grew up among other underage little street criminals like himself. He was quite skinny, even for an urchin, so his friends simply nicknamed him "Skinny". But he had an actual name too - Naz or Quick-Naz respectively Naz The Quick (well, that's what he told me...).

Naz and his 3 friends were usually robbing drunks around inns and pubs at night. One unfortunate night they were following another random drunk guy, but when they struck, the guy (who was a city guard sergeant) despite being drunk put on a fight. He was able to capture one of the urchins, who told the guard everything under some pressure and the city guards stormed into the abandoned house, where Naz and his friends were living, in the same night. He was able to get away, but his friends were captured and sent to the "Last Shelter" - a city prison for poor people. There was almost no chance, that they'd ever see the light of the day again.

It was a sad story, but not unusual, just one of many. I told him a few things about myself. I was impressed with his skill there at the market. I might find a good use for this brat, so I asked him if he would be interested in working for me on a permanent basis. I would provide protection for him and on occasion some gold. He was more than interested and told me, where I could find him whenever I need him.

I got home late. Chizza already prepared a dinner for me and I realised that I was very hungry as soon as I saw it. I sat down at the head of the table, but I cursed before I was able to put the first piece of food in my mouth - I forgot to buy the damn paper!

Sunday, 20 February 2011



13 gold
- 2 gold (upkeep)
- 1 gold (Spent on Darla)
+ 5 gold (Chizza’s salary)
+ 7 gold (Rent paid)
+ 8 gold (From Betica)
+20 (from Diastra)

TOTAL: 50 gold

Chiza Status Card Change:
Energy: -1
Hygiene: -1
Happiness: -1


Darkness was falling over the city when we finally left the tavern. I kept one hand around her always, helping direct her drunken stumbling while copping a quick feel. We made it back to the house without incident, apparently Chizza was still working at the tavern and my tenants were nowhere to be seen, good.

As soon as we were through the door she staggered towards me with a dreamy expression, trying to kiss me. A simple backhand sent her sprawling on the bed. Tears filled her eyes as she looked up at me in sudden fear but were quickly gone as I slid atop her. A firm hand at her throat kept her down as my lips found hers. Soft moans filled the air as my free hand slid over her figure, casually cupping her full ass. By the time I broke the kiss she was panting hotly. For a moment of rage filled me again as I remembered who owned this piece of trash. This time when I slapped her though she simply looked up at me with lust in her eyes, nibbling on her lower lip in anticipation.

In a minute I had her stripped down, licking and suckling on her figure. Darla writhed under me, again trying to meet my lips with hers, trying to use me. Another light slap as I slid my tongue along her neck, I was in control here, not her. A whimper of despair filled her, desperation and need. Suddenly she flipped onto her stomach, thrusting that full butt up towards me. I smirked and smacked her ass hard, showing her the price of her impertinence. Even as my hand slammed into her soft flesh another moan left her lips, this one of hearty approval.

I stared for a few moments, amazed at her reaction now. Darla clutched at the bed, her hips rolling as she shoved her ass up into the air again, wiggling it, a deep red hand print visible on her pretty pale flesh. Finally the silence was punctuated by my hand striking her upturned rear again and again. Soft shrieks of protest escaped her lips as she clutched at the bed desperately but after each strike of my hand she eagerly thrust her ass into the air again. I nearly laughed at the power. I had always wanted revenge on the guards, now this guard slut was eager for each blow I gave her.

My hand, caloused and hardened by a lifetime of training, was beginning to sting. Though my hand was sore and numb from the spanking I'd given this slut, Darla's ass was positively red. Still she shoved her rump into the air, eager for more, the scent of a girl waiting to be fucked filled the room. As she shook her butt again, I realized I enjoyed controlling this one more than most.

I slid atop her again, this time letting my thick cock slide between her ass cheeks, letting those red globes press against my length. She moaned beneath me, gasping, begging. Darla whimpered softly, "Please, fuck me now." Gripping my prick, I guided it to my target and thrust forward. Her eyes shot open as a shriek left her lips. My free hand shoved her head against the mattress as she yelped "Not there! Not there!" I slid from holding down her head to resting my forearm on the back of her neck as I slowly sheathed myself deep in her ass.

When my hips finally pressed against those bright red cheeks she whimpered again. I let her cry while she adjusted to my prick so deep inside her. From the way her hot ass was gripping my cock it was obvious the girl had never had a man inside her butt before. Leaning close I slid my tongue along her cheek, tasting her tears before I whispered softly "you'll like it in a minute." She was still sniffling but she nodded nervously.

I slowly slid out again, letting her feel each inch pull out her tight little rectum till just the crown of my cock was inside her. She shuddered in relief, expecting me to pull out completely. I couldn't help but smile as I disappointed her and thrust again, starting a nice slow rhythm as I fucked her. Soon cries of pain gave way to the simple soft panting of a bitch being made to work too hard. I pulled her up so she was on all fours so I could watch her tits jiggle as I fucked the slut harder.

The girl was smiling now! I watched in shock as I shoved my cock deep into her bowels, the girl thrusting her hips back eagerly to meet me. Soon she reached a hand down to start playing with her pussy. I smirked and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back. She whimpered softly as she started to play with herself with her other hand, hanging in my grasp, "Please, I'm gonna... oh god, what, oh my...." I grabbed her other wrist as well.

She screamed in frustration as I fucked her faster, my prick pistoning into her ass as I held her hands back. Suddenly I felt her plump rump clench as her thighs shuddered, the screams took on a different tone as I continued to fuck her, the girl having her first orgasm with my cock in her ass.

For the next few hours I continued to fuck her, the girl greedy for my prick now. I never bothered to touch her pussy, soiled as it was by a guard's prick. But Darla didn't mind, happily guiding my member into her backside even as I poured more wine down her throat. Finally she passed out. I pulled out of her again and with a grunt spent my load on her face.

Glancing up I noticed Chizza leaning against the door frame. I grinned at her as I searched through Darla's discarded clothing for the key. Finally finding it I murmured in a quiet voice, "Clean this filth up." She simply nodded and as I dressed to go deliver the key to Diastra she was already leaning over Darla. As I left I noted Chizza softly lapping up my cum off the face of the guard slut.

The Cheapside

The flickering light of my shuttered lantern was the only illumination as I made my way through the twisted streets of Cheapside. My pace quickened as I turned at the corner Diastra had told me about. I trusted Chizza to keep the stupid guard slut happy at my home while I went about my business, but any young punk could get lucky with a blade on a night like this.

Soon enough I reached a side alley and ducked in, ahead there was a door built into the side of an ancient building. Just as Diastra had described a brick had been kicked free from the door jam on the right hand side, three bricks up from the street level. I knocked on the door as quietly as possible while peering cautiously into the inky void of the alley around me. It seemed like an eternity then suddenly someone strode out of the darkness behind me.

I whipped around to face my new potential opponent but suddenly shock halted a murderous thrust of my fist towards their face as I recognized my new companion, the urchin I hired at the tavern! The young child grinned, holding up a finger to his lips as he moved past me to the door and twisted the heavy ring handle counter-clockwise. There was a click and suddenly the door swung open smoothly.

Once inside he led me through a labyrinth of ruined rooms, in some cases we climbed stairs, in others we descended. On more than one occasion we stepped through holes onto open rooftops and between buildings, or crawled through a hole knocked between two adjacent buildings. After only two minutes I was thoroughly confused, my innate sense of direction had been completely confounded by our meandering path. Eventually ahead though there was a glow from a sealed away little room.

As we entered it, Diastra and a wizened old man turned to greet us. Diastra had her usual charming sneer on her lips, but her companion was even stranger. He looked to be nearly a hundred, his face a patchwork of old scars and wrinkles; and his legs looked even worse. They had been shattered and broken in some ancient assault, that much was evident through the thin blanket he wrapped over them. The strangest thing about him though was his eyes, those strange and wondrous eyes! Not a speck of his age was in his eyes which were clear and wicked, they alighted as we entered and I presented the key to Diastra.

Before I could even hand the key to my bandit friend he had greedily snatched it from my grasp with a surprising strength. He spun to a large workbench next to him, a single candle upon it illuminating an amazing collection of files, rasps, random keys and other metal working tools I would never know the name of. The old man chuckled as he worked, picking up a key from a hook without looking and busily began making modifications to it.

I slipped closer to Diastra as my urchin friend moved over to the old man. The young lad was the first to speak. "Can you duplicate it, Rathen?" There was a chuckle from the old man as he nodded, simply snipping off part of the key he was working on.

The old man, Rathen apparently, glanced up at the child before he began to speak, his hands never ceasing their labors. "This key and the lock for it were made by Korith on Imperial Road, Naz, my boy! He's a blow hard, always tries to impress the nobles with fancy scrollwork on the surface of their locks, but the man couldn't make more than a four tumbler if he tried, and he didn't in this case. Always so sloppy with his work, especially if he doesn't think it's important." As he spoke he glanced down at the copy he was making and the key I had brought. Without even looking at me he tossed the original over his shoulder and straight into my hands.

"Pay the man, Di, I don't need to see it again to finish this. Show the nice man back to his home, Naz." I started to move towards him but Diastra placed a hand on my arm to stop me, the ancient fellow was lost in his world now, crafting and forming without a thought now to those around him. Diastra offered me a sinister smile and dropped a small pouch of coins into my hand before the young boy grabbed my arm and started tugging me towards the door.

The route we took when we left was different. We still moved through ancient buildings, but now they were nearly all occupied, by squatters and transients or poor rentors. Again on occasion we left the buildings to dart across rooftops or through narrow alleyways or climbed out of windows overlooking squalid little gardens in the center of a group of buildings. By and large though most of our travels were off the streets and underground. I was amazed, I knew the city was old and twisted, but this boy knew ways to avoid detection that had never even entered my wildest dreams.

In the end we began traveling through basements, connected by either commonality or storm water sluices or simple holes beaten and dug between them. I knew we were getting close to the Bordello, as any buildings closer to the harbor than it often didn't have basements, being below the waterline of the soil. Finally he led me up and out of cellar and we crept stealthily across the floor of a home, my young friend casually stealing an apple from a bowl before he gestured to the door and disappeared back the way we came. I slowly opened the door and slipped outside, astonished to find that I had just exited the building directly opposite my own home.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


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Welcome to week 9!

- 2 GOLD (upkeep)
- 1 GOLD (paid to the beggar boy)
+ 5 GOLD (Chizza's salary)
+ 7 GOLD (payment from the tenant of room#1)

Chizza's character tracker change:
Energy: - 1
Hygiene: -1

(NOTE: There is no way to access Chizza's stats at the moment. We will fix that as soon as possible. Hopefully tomorrow.)

This week we are continuing to follow the sidequest with Diastra, which was created by Dinker and doesn't just help our character to make some extra money, it also
proves to be extremely entertaining ;). We actually didn't plan, to strip Diastra so early in the story, but here we go!

And I hope, that you guys appreciate the new animated character tracker menu, although it is still a work in progress.

Thank you for your support and special thanks to SilentchiLL, for patiently reading through all the texts and fixing my terrible english.

This is all we have to say for this week.



On one of the evenings at the end of the week, the servant girl of the tenant of room# 1 paid me a visit, she told me, that her mistress would like to stay for another week and tossed a little moneybag at me. I opened it and the 7 GOLD coins in the bag began to shine, from the light of my table lamp. The servant girl bowed slightly to me, *ding* the metal rings in her braids collided, when she turned around and was about to leave me alone with my gold.

-Your mistress...- I said and paused....

The servant girl hesitated at the door's threshold: -...-

-Why is she so confident, that room is still available?-

The servant girl turned around and looked at me from under her hood for the first time, I could see, that she was scared...

I chuckled: -Alright, she can stay here for now, but tell her, that she should come and visit me personally next time, instead of sending a servant. She isn't in Imperial district anymore, we are simple people here and do business face to face, not through messengers.-

-Will do, Milord.- She hid her face under the shadow of her hood again and left.

Nobles... always with their condescending attitude...

Hmm... that noble wench was quite desperate last week, but she seems to have money now. Did something change? And if she fixed her problems, why is she still staying here? I know it shouldn't matter, as long as i am getting my money, but I had a bad feeling about that lady and her little servant girl from the beginning. There was something strange about them, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. All I knew was, that something bugged me about that couple... I looked at the 7 GOLD coins in my hand. Oh, well...

* * *

I decided, that a pint or two of that eastern beer, the tavern owner was bragging about the other day, would make me feel much better, but that wasn't the reason, why I decided to visit the tavern again. I made my decision about the second room and it was time to let the future tenant know about it.


It was as noisy and crowded as usual and Betica was multitasking: serving drinks, exchanging gossips and flirting with almost every male customer she encountered. She needed a few heartbeats to notice me, and one more to recognize me, but she dedicated all her attention to me as soon as she did:

-Hi there handsome, wanna order something?

She smiled.

-It's yours.-

The barmaid tilted her head to the side in a cute way, showing that she was confused.

-The room you wanted.- I added, with a slight irritation in my voice.

-Aw... you're in a bad mood today.- She sat by my side and petted me on a cheek, as if I was a little boy, but for some reason it did not irritate me one bit. I guess she does know, how to handle men.

-Do you know how to find my house?-

-Not yet sweetie, but that's why you are here, right?- She said and winked at me.

I explained her how to find my house. It was an easy task: first of all it was nearby and second of all most people at the Cheapside knew it as "the abandoned house". Betica filled a pint with wine and put it on the table in front of me, as soon as I explained her the directions to my house.

-The drink is on the house and I know, that you will miss me, but I gotta work, see ya.- Then she stormed away.

I took a few sips from the pint... so that Betica girl will have access to room #2 from now on. She'll better make enough money, or I will kick her out. She seems like a smart girl, maybe a bit smarter than I usually like, so I better treat her with caution. I know her kind, I bet she wouldn't hesitate to fool me, if I give her a chance. Chizza is still working... and still just a dishwasher... well, it's better than nothing, although this job really seems to exhaust her, so I better give her a week off sometime soon. The weird couple paid for the next week... so it seems like everything business related has been taken care of, but now it's time to get that goddamn key for Diastra. I finished my drink and was about to leave the tavern, when I suddenly felt someone's eyes on me. I could literally feel it on my skin, someone was watching me. I scanned the room under my hood... it was that monk-creep. He was staring at me from the other side of the room, such a creepy guy. I felt, that I made the right decision, by choosing Betica over him then more than ever, so I hid my face under the hood again and left the tavern.

* * *

It took a few days to find the woman. Diastra hadn't been very specific about what she looked like, but it didn't matter. One evening I stopped by the tavern and there was a guardsman at the bar. Normally I always left before if there was a guardsman in here. This time I stopped and looked around. Nearby at a table all by herself was a young, beautiful woman. She was all alone and every time someone looked at her they got nervous. Though she had an unhappy expression I could tell she reveled in the power. A guardsman's wife, definitely.

Stepping back outside I made my plans. A gold coin and a chat with a local beggar boy near a vegetable stand were all I needed. A few minutes later I was casually standing outside the tavern when I heard a shout from inside. The boy came pelting out and shortly thereafter the guardsman as well, rotten tomato dripping from the back of his helmet. I grinned as he chased after the boy. They never catch the urchins.

Moving inside I picked up a bottle of wine at the bar before sitting down next to the woman who was all alone. She looked startled, like a rabbit who returned home to find a snake in its warren. I offered my most gentle smile to this symbol of corruption and filled her glass again. There was a timid, fearful smile in return; she simply picked up her mug, nodded to me and drank deeply.

By her third mug her cheeks were quite rosy. She leaned against me as she bemoaned her cruel and hard life. My hand slid around her waist as she complained. She peered up at me through wine clouded eyes and explained. "He's just so cruel! He never gives me any money, just enough to come here each week. He never lets me out without one of his stooges to watch me." She sniffled, looking so distraught. I frowned as I sarcastically thought of how hard it must be. To always be protected, always fed, given nice clothes to wear and to never have to work.

I patted her back sympathetically, feigning dismay at her situation as I filled her cup again. She sighed at the show of support, leaning up against me now as she drank her wine. Those big blue eyes looked up at me as she slurred, "You're my only friend! What's your name?" Under the table her own hand touched my leg, sending an electric jolt through me. I stared at her, trying to hide my anger. Her husband has taken so many people from this world, inflicted so much cruelty, and she had done nothing to stop it.

I grinned as I refilled her glass again, the girl looking quite tipsy now. I let my hand slide down, cupping her gorgeous ass and hoping it distracted her as I faked a smile. "That doesn't matter, what's your name beautiful?" My fingers lightly brushed the soft skin of a woman who'd never worked a day in her life, keeping her excited and distracted.

She gasped dreamily and softly purred, "I'mmm Darla." She giggled as she finished off her cup of wine, "Mmmm, you're cute."

I shook my head and looked her over again. She had complained earlier that her husband never made love to her, but she had just the sort of body that made a whore popular at other ports. I paused, then looked more critically. Nice tits, but not too fat. A slender waist, gorgeous hips and a well padded ass, even soft silken hair. I thought quickly about what ships were in port, at least a few were foreign and wouldn't return for a year or more when they left.

They'd pay handsomely for this girl, much better than Diastra is paying me. But her disappearance would infuriate Diastra and ruin her plans. Plus if the guards caught me trying to sell the wife of their captain... Death by torture would be a courtesy next to what they would do to me.

Darla giggled and hiccuped as she leaned against me. I felt repulsed by the touch of a woman who let such cruelty occur without protest, but I let her lean close. Another two cups of wine and she'd be passed out, making it easy to steal her house keys. She'd simply think she was robbed.

A wicked thought swept through my head though as I sipped at my own drink. I could also take her back home and spend the night teaching her why she was evil for letting her husband do such things. She'd probably enjoy it even, and I could still steal the keys. Of course if the guards caught me while I was taking her home...

Sunday, 6 February 2011



Welcome to week eight!

-2 GOLD (Upkeep is lover this week, thanks to Chizza.)
-3 GOLD (payed to Sheila)
+5 GOLD (Chizza's salary)
+3 GOLD (payment from the tenant of room #1)

Chizza's character tracker change:
Energy: -1
Hygiene: -1

This week we are continuing, to follow the sidequest with Diastra, which was created by Dinker and doesn't just help our character to make some extra money, it also
proves to be extremely entertaining ;). We actually didn't plan, to strip Diastra so early in the story, but here we go!

Also I would like to thank Bookfisher for being BHB-Chat Ninja. Whenever I enter the chat he is always there. Thank you for you support, dude.

Thank you for your support and special thanks to SilentchiLL, for patiently reading through all the texts and fixing my terrible english.

This is all we have to say for this week.


Revenge... anger... and hatred towards the people, which I consider my enemies... those are the things, which keep me going... they give me strength... but nothing

comes without a price... and I fully paid mine... I doubt that I have a soul anymore, after all those tough choices, that I made in the past 10 years... even now, I

am taking money from that lady and practically force her to have sex with me.
Do I feel any compassion for her predicament? Not even a little bit. She obviously made a few wrong choices in the past, choices, which led her to her current

situation... and to me.
I never had a chance, to spend a night with a noblewoman, so I could not help but feel exited about the
upcoming night.

Later that day, the lady appeared on the doorstep of my house and of course her servant followed her. I tried to act professional, but couldn't help but wonder, how

that proud woman will behave in bed.
I led them both to their room and got my 3 coins of GOLD. None of us mentioned the second part of the deal, but all three of us thought about it.
-Milord,- said the lady, when I was about to leave -I have my reasons to keep my presence and everything (she emphasizes the word everything) about my presence here

secret, including my name itself. Can I count on you?-
I replied with a fake smile:
-I am a businessman, Milady. As long as I get paid, your personal life is none of my business, but I can only speak for myself, if it's that important to you, make

sure, that nobody is watching you, when you enter my house.-

Chizza asked me, whether or not we are having a guest in our house, because she saw a light in one of the empty rooms on her way back home. I confirm her guess, but

do not tell her any details.

It was time for me, to get the rest of my payment... I could've got more gold, but instead I chose to spend a night with two sweet ladies. Good deal.

The servant of the noblewoman opened the door, as soon as I knocked on it, I still couldn't get a good look on her face, because the room was to dark. The candles

in the room almost made it look romantic, which was unexpectedly pleasing. I saw that both women prepared themselves well, the servant girl switched her cape with a

cute raveling night robe and her Mistress was wearing a similar robe but hers was a bit fancier. They looked a bit embarrassed, but I could see, that they were

excited by the way how they were breathing. I sat down on the edge of the bed and ordered them to kiss each other. Naturally they hesitated, but eventually the

servant girl made the first step, she kissed her Mistress, gently at first, but then with passion.
The women kissed and caressed each other's breasts, a magnificent sight. It took a while for me, to feel left out, but then I took one of them by her hand, the

other one followed and then we were all together... kisses, moans, I could feel, that one of them was playing with my balls and payed extra attention to her

companion's breasts. I felt somebody's mouth around my dick and someones tongue allover my balls... and that was only the beginning of the the wild night...

Early morning. I woke up, it was still dark outside and I was still in room #1. The women were both naked, with messy hair and still asleep. I got up and was

chilly, so I covered them both with a blanket and left the room quietly. I had to admit, that the lady kept her end of the deal, so I had no reasons to complain,

but I wondered what was going to happen next week, would she have the money by then? Would she move out?

I wondered if Chizza heard any sounds coming from room #1 last night, when she was serving me breakfast. I was pretty that sure she did, but she acted like nothing

happened. She was obedient AND wise, I liked that. She would've been a great wife for some lucky looser, but she was an even better servant in my opinion.

Later that day, I had a talk with the noble lady, it is truly amazing, how she acted as if nothing happened, I was balls-deep in her ass in the night before (or was

it her servant girl?), but now she was full of dignity again. I guess she was a typical noble lady, even without any money: pretentious and full of lies and dark

secrets. She said, that she would need the room for at least one more week and that she would have enough money to pay for it by the end of that week, when we

talked about business and that was all I needed to know.


Sheila did a great job, the room looks perfect and ready to use. I pay the girl those 3 GOLD coins I promised her and after a short awkward silence she says:
- Em... - She hesitates.
- What is it?-
Sheila looks away embarrassed. - I really enjoyed working for you, Milord, are you sure that there is no use for me anymore in your house?-
I look at her critically... not quite sure what she is talking about, but for now I have a little to no use for her. I tell her that and she seems to be

disappointed and leaves.
Now, what do I do with the room? Well, there isn't much to do and there aren't many people, which would like to rent it, so who is it going to be? That bold monk-

guy sure is creepy, but he is willing to pay upfront... I could use some extra gold right now. There is also that barmaid - Betica, which occasionally gets

"naughty" with some of the visitors of the tavern, but she needs a safe and quiet place to do her thing, since the owner of the place does not tolerate that kind of

She said, that I will get about30% of her profit, but the problem is, that I have no idea how much money she makes...

Welcome to The Cheapside.... Sketchy place to say the least....
It is dirty, it smells and you would never meet a city guard here...
Great place to get robbed, killed, raped or worse.... .... But, hey... It is home.....


Finally I nodded to Diastra, openly staring at her tits as I spoke. "Fine, 20 gold when I get you the key. But I want my cock between those... now." She smirked

as she grabbed her bottle of booze from the table and got up, gesturing for me to follow her out the back door. As she walked away her little pet leaped from her

shoulder and scurried down her arm. Its legs and one arm wrapped around the bottle of booze as it swung loosely in Diastra's grip. It glared at me suspiciously

even as its free hand repeatedly dipped into the bottle, fishing out a small bit of alcohol and bringing it to its lips.

In the alley she shoved me against the wall and kneeled in front of me. She casually unlaced her top and pulled out her heavy breasts, letting me stare at them

naked for the first time. Grabbing the bottle from the ground she took a long swallow before pouring some of it over her rack. Her chest glistened in the

moonlight, slick with the rank alcohol. "Get your fucking limp prick out, let's get this over with." Her words were already slightly slurred from the booze.

I growled in annoyance, finally pulling down my trousers enough to show off my cock to her. She stared in raw fascination, a soft gasp escaping her lips as she

stared at it with her good eye. The girl managed to let a whispered "fuck" escape her lips before her rough hands began jerking me off. I winced, but soon enough

calloused hands were replaced by the soft caress of smooth flesh.

Diastra cupped her breasts together, letting my prick slide between her gorgeous peaks. We both grunted as she jerked me off with her heavy tits, letting my dick
slide smoothly between them, it felt better than some of the whores I'd used over the years. But the limp prick comment had made me mad, and I knew patience.

Every few minutes she stopped to suck down more liquor and to recoat her chest. Each time she drunkenly reached for the bottle her pet picked it up with both

hands, holding it up for her. Diastra kept staring straight ahead at my stomach. She didn't want to give me anything other than her tits, she never used her mouth

or hands, trying to make me cum. My hips trembled, I had been fucking her gorgeous tits so long, I was nearly there.
Her will broke first, my cock was soaked in booze by now, just like her chest. She stared down at my member as she drained the last drops from her bottle. Her lips

dropped, I felt them wrap around my shaft and I groaned loudly. The criminal smiled in triumph around my shaft, trying to pull off before I came. My hand suddenly

grabbed the back of her head. Her knife flashed up in one of her hands as her good eye widened in surprise.

I barely caught her wrist just as the tip of the knife pricked my thigh. Her other hand shot up and roughly gripped. I grunted as I let myself orgasm. It flashed

through my body, letting me ignore the pain as I dumped my load into her mouth. She gasped, grunted, stared up at me in shock, not wanting to swallow. Fine with

me, I had been saving this load for a week, and the hand on my balls didn't help her.
Finally my jism burst from her lips, the girl gasping I released her head. The knife clattered to the ground as she fell back on her ass, coughing as my cum poured

onto her tits, some even dribbling from one of her nostrils. I nodded in satisfaction as she stared up at me, a mixture of lust and hate in her eyes.
A single finger delicately stroked the length of my cock, collecting the remaining spunk before bringing it to her lips. "Fine, now 20 gold, after you get the key.

And that will never, ever happen again. Probably."

I smirked and dropped to a knee, handed her the knife she had dropped and helped her to her feet. Now I just had to find the girl.