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Welcome to week eight!

-2 GOLD (Upkeep is lover this week, thanks to Chizza.)
-3 GOLD (payed to Sheila)
+5 GOLD (Chizza's salary)
+3 GOLD (payment from the tenant of room #1)

Chizza's character tracker change:
Energy: -1
Hygiene: -1

This week we are continuing, to follow the sidequest with Diastra, which was created by Dinker and doesn't just help our character to make some extra money, it also
proves to be extremely entertaining ;). We actually didn't plan, to strip Diastra so early in the story, but here we go!

Also I would like to thank Bookfisher for being BHB-Chat Ninja. Whenever I enter the chat he is always there. Thank you for you support, dude.

Thank you for your support and special thanks to SilentchiLL, for patiently reading through all the texts and fixing my terrible english.

This is all we have to say for this week.


Revenge... anger... and hatred towards the people, which I consider my enemies... those are the things, which keep me going... they give me strength... but nothing

comes without a price... and I fully paid mine... I doubt that I have a soul anymore, after all those tough choices, that I made in the past 10 years... even now, I

am taking money from that lady and practically force her to have sex with me.
Do I feel any compassion for her predicament? Not even a little bit. She obviously made a few wrong choices in the past, choices, which led her to her current

situation... and to me.
I never had a chance, to spend a night with a noblewoman, so I could not help but feel exited about the
upcoming night.

Later that day, the lady appeared on the doorstep of my house and of course her servant followed her. I tried to act professional, but couldn't help but wonder, how

that proud woman will behave in bed.
I led them both to their room and got my 3 coins of GOLD. None of us mentioned the second part of the deal, but all three of us thought about it.
-Milord,- said the lady, when I was about to leave -I have my reasons to keep my presence and everything (she emphasizes the word everything) about my presence here

secret, including my name itself. Can I count on you?-
I replied with a fake smile:
-I am a businessman, Milady. As long as I get paid, your personal life is none of my business, but I can only speak for myself, if it's that important to you, make

sure, that nobody is watching you, when you enter my house.-

Chizza asked me, whether or not we are having a guest in our house, because she saw a light in one of the empty rooms on her way back home. I confirm her guess, but

do not tell her any details.

It was time for me, to get the rest of my payment... I could've got more gold, but instead I chose to spend a night with two sweet ladies. Good deal.

The servant of the noblewoman opened the door, as soon as I knocked on it, I still couldn't get a good look on her face, because the room was to dark. The candles

in the room almost made it look romantic, which was unexpectedly pleasing. I saw that both women prepared themselves well, the servant girl switched her cape with a

cute raveling night robe and her Mistress was wearing a similar robe but hers was a bit fancier. They looked a bit embarrassed, but I could see, that they were

excited by the way how they were breathing. I sat down on the edge of the bed and ordered them to kiss each other. Naturally they hesitated, but eventually the

servant girl made the first step, she kissed her Mistress, gently at first, but then with passion.
The women kissed and caressed each other's breasts, a magnificent sight. It took a while for me, to feel left out, but then I took one of them by her hand, the

other one followed and then we were all together... kisses, moans, I could feel, that one of them was playing with my balls and payed extra attention to her

companion's breasts. I felt somebody's mouth around my dick and someones tongue allover my balls... and that was only the beginning of the the wild night...

Early morning. I woke up, it was still dark outside and I was still in room #1. The women were both naked, with messy hair and still asleep. I got up and was

chilly, so I covered them both with a blanket and left the room quietly. I had to admit, that the lady kept her end of the deal, so I had no reasons to complain,

but I wondered what was going to happen next week, would she have the money by then? Would she move out?

I wondered if Chizza heard any sounds coming from room #1 last night, when she was serving me breakfast. I was pretty that sure she did, but she acted like nothing

happened. She was obedient AND wise, I liked that. She would've been a great wife for some lucky looser, but she was an even better servant in my opinion.

Later that day, I had a talk with the noble lady, it is truly amazing, how she acted as if nothing happened, I was balls-deep in her ass in the night before (or was

it her servant girl?), but now she was full of dignity again. I guess she was a typical noble lady, even without any money: pretentious and full of lies and dark

secrets. She said, that she would need the room for at least one more week and that she would have enough money to pay for it by the end of that week, when we

talked about business and that was all I needed to know.


Sheila did a great job, the room looks perfect and ready to use. I pay the girl those 3 GOLD coins I promised her and after a short awkward silence she says:
- Em... - She hesitates.
- What is it?-
Sheila looks away embarrassed. - I really enjoyed working for you, Milord, are you sure that there is no use for me anymore in your house?-
I look at her critically... not quite sure what she is talking about, but for now I have a little to no use for her. I tell her that and she seems to be

disappointed and leaves.
Now, what do I do with the room? Well, there isn't much to do and there aren't many people, which would like to rent it, so who is it going to be? That bold monk-

guy sure is creepy, but he is willing to pay upfront... I could use some extra gold right now. There is also that barmaid - Betica, which occasionally gets

"naughty" with some of the visitors of the tavern, but she needs a safe and quiet place to do her thing, since the owner of the place does not tolerate that kind of

She said, that I will get about30% of her profit, but the problem is, that I have no idea how much money she makes...

Welcome to The Cheapside.... Sketchy place to say the least....
It is dirty, it smells and you would never meet a city guard here...
Great place to get robbed, killed, raped or worse.... .... But, hey... It is home.....


Finally I nodded to Diastra, openly staring at her tits as I spoke. "Fine, 20 gold when I get you the key. But I want my cock between those... now." She smirked

as she grabbed her bottle of booze from the table and got up, gesturing for me to follow her out the back door. As she walked away her little pet leaped from her

shoulder and scurried down her arm. Its legs and one arm wrapped around the bottle of booze as it swung loosely in Diastra's grip. It glared at me suspiciously

even as its free hand repeatedly dipped into the bottle, fishing out a small bit of alcohol and bringing it to its lips.

In the alley she shoved me against the wall and kneeled in front of me. She casually unlaced her top and pulled out her heavy breasts, letting me stare at them

naked for the first time. Grabbing the bottle from the ground she took a long swallow before pouring some of it over her rack. Her chest glistened in the

moonlight, slick with the rank alcohol. "Get your fucking limp prick out, let's get this over with." Her words were already slightly slurred from the booze.

I growled in annoyance, finally pulling down my trousers enough to show off my cock to her. She stared in raw fascination, a soft gasp escaping her lips as she

stared at it with her good eye. The girl managed to let a whispered "fuck" escape her lips before her rough hands began jerking me off. I winced, but soon enough

calloused hands were replaced by the soft caress of smooth flesh.

Diastra cupped her breasts together, letting my prick slide between her gorgeous peaks. We both grunted as she jerked me off with her heavy tits, letting my dick
slide smoothly between them, it felt better than some of the whores I'd used over the years. But the limp prick comment had made me mad, and I knew patience.

Every few minutes she stopped to suck down more liquor and to recoat her chest. Each time she drunkenly reached for the bottle her pet picked it up with both

hands, holding it up for her. Diastra kept staring straight ahead at my stomach. She didn't want to give me anything other than her tits, she never used her mouth

or hands, trying to make me cum. My hips trembled, I had been fucking her gorgeous tits so long, I was nearly there.
Her will broke first, my cock was soaked in booze by now, just like her chest. She stared down at my member as she drained the last drops from her bottle. Her lips

dropped, I felt them wrap around my shaft and I groaned loudly. The criminal smiled in triumph around my shaft, trying to pull off before I came. My hand suddenly

grabbed the back of her head. Her knife flashed up in one of her hands as her good eye widened in surprise.

I barely caught her wrist just as the tip of the knife pricked my thigh. Her other hand shot up and roughly gripped. I grunted as I let myself orgasm. It flashed

through my body, letting me ignore the pain as I dumped my load into her mouth. She gasped, grunted, stared up at me in shock, not wanting to swallow. Fine with

me, I had been saving this load for a week, and the hand on my balls didn't help her.
Finally my jism burst from her lips, the girl gasping I released her head. The knife clattered to the ground as she fell back on her ass, coughing as my cum poured

onto her tits, some even dribbling from one of her nostrils. I nodded in satisfaction as she stared up at me, a mixture of lust and hate in her eyes.
A single finger delicately stroked the length of my cock, collecting the remaining spunk before bringing it to her lips. "Fine, now 20 gold, after you get the key.

And that will never, ever happen again. Probably."

I smirked and dropped to a knee, handed her the knife she had dropped and helped her to her feet. Now I just had to find the girl.

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