Sunday, 20 February 2011



13 gold
- 2 gold (upkeep)
- 1 gold (Spent on Darla)
+ 5 gold (Chizza’s salary)
+ 7 gold (Rent paid)
+ 8 gold (From Betica)
+20 (from Diastra)

TOTAL: 50 gold

Chiza Status Card Change:
Energy: -1
Hygiene: -1
Happiness: -1


Darkness was falling over the city when we finally left the tavern. I kept one hand around her always, helping direct her drunken stumbling while copping a quick feel. We made it back to the house without incident, apparently Chizza was still working at the tavern and my tenants were nowhere to be seen, good.

As soon as we were through the door she staggered towards me with a dreamy expression, trying to kiss me. A simple backhand sent her sprawling on the bed. Tears filled her eyes as she looked up at me in sudden fear but were quickly gone as I slid atop her. A firm hand at her throat kept her down as my lips found hers. Soft moans filled the air as my free hand slid over her figure, casually cupping her full ass. By the time I broke the kiss she was panting hotly. For a moment of rage filled me again as I remembered who owned this piece of trash. This time when I slapped her though she simply looked up at me with lust in her eyes, nibbling on her lower lip in anticipation.

In a minute I had her stripped down, licking and suckling on her figure. Darla writhed under me, again trying to meet my lips with hers, trying to use me. Another light slap as I slid my tongue along her neck, I was in control here, not her. A whimper of despair filled her, desperation and need. Suddenly she flipped onto her stomach, thrusting that full butt up towards me. I smirked and smacked her ass hard, showing her the price of her impertinence. Even as my hand slammed into her soft flesh another moan left her lips, this one of hearty approval.

I stared for a few moments, amazed at her reaction now. Darla clutched at the bed, her hips rolling as she shoved her ass up into the air again, wiggling it, a deep red hand print visible on her pretty pale flesh. Finally the silence was punctuated by my hand striking her upturned rear again and again. Soft shrieks of protest escaped her lips as she clutched at the bed desperately but after each strike of my hand she eagerly thrust her ass into the air again. I nearly laughed at the power. I had always wanted revenge on the guards, now this guard slut was eager for each blow I gave her.

My hand, caloused and hardened by a lifetime of training, was beginning to sting. Though my hand was sore and numb from the spanking I'd given this slut, Darla's ass was positively red. Still she shoved her rump into the air, eager for more, the scent of a girl waiting to be fucked filled the room. As she shook her butt again, I realized I enjoyed controlling this one more than most.

I slid atop her again, this time letting my thick cock slide between her ass cheeks, letting those red globes press against my length. She moaned beneath me, gasping, begging. Darla whimpered softly, "Please, fuck me now." Gripping my prick, I guided it to my target and thrust forward. Her eyes shot open as a shriek left her lips. My free hand shoved her head against the mattress as she yelped "Not there! Not there!" I slid from holding down her head to resting my forearm on the back of her neck as I slowly sheathed myself deep in her ass.

When my hips finally pressed against those bright red cheeks she whimpered again. I let her cry while she adjusted to my prick so deep inside her. From the way her hot ass was gripping my cock it was obvious the girl had never had a man inside her butt before. Leaning close I slid my tongue along her cheek, tasting her tears before I whispered softly "you'll like it in a minute." She was still sniffling but she nodded nervously.

I slowly slid out again, letting her feel each inch pull out her tight little rectum till just the crown of my cock was inside her. She shuddered in relief, expecting me to pull out completely. I couldn't help but smile as I disappointed her and thrust again, starting a nice slow rhythm as I fucked her. Soon cries of pain gave way to the simple soft panting of a bitch being made to work too hard. I pulled her up so she was on all fours so I could watch her tits jiggle as I fucked the slut harder.

The girl was smiling now! I watched in shock as I shoved my cock deep into her bowels, the girl thrusting her hips back eagerly to meet me. Soon she reached a hand down to start playing with her pussy. I smirked and grabbed her wrist, pulling her back. She whimpered softly as she started to play with herself with her other hand, hanging in my grasp, "Please, I'm gonna... oh god, what, oh my...." I grabbed her other wrist as well.

She screamed in frustration as I fucked her faster, my prick pistoning into her ass as I held her hands back. Suddenly I felt her plump rump clench as her thighs shuddered, the screams took on a different tone as I continued to fuck her, the girl having her first orgasm with my cock in her ass.

For the next few hours I continued to fuck her, the girl greedy for my prick now. I never bothered to touch her pussy, soiled as it was by a guard's prick. But Darla didn't mind, happily guiding my member into her backside even as I poured more wine down her throat. Finally she passed out. I pulled out of her again and with a grunt spent my load on her face.

Glancing up I noticed Chizza leaning against the door frame. I grinned at her as I searched through Darla's discarded clothing for the key. Finally finding it I murmured in a quiet voice, "Clean this filth up." She simply nodded and as I dressed to go deliver the key to Diastra she was already leaning over Darla. As I left I noted Chizza softly lapping up my cum off the face of the guard slut.

The Cheapside

The flickering light of my shuttered lantern was the only illumination as I made my way through the twisted streets of Cheapside. My pace quickened as I turned at the corner Diastra had told me about. I trusted Chizza to keep the stupid guard slut happy at my home while I went about my business, but any young punk could get lucky with a blade on a night like this.

Soon enough I reached a side alley and ducked in, ahead there was a door built into the side of an ancient building. Just as Diastra had described a brick had been kicked free from the door jam on the right hand side, three bricks up from the street level. I knocked on the door as quietly as possible while peering cautiously into the inky void of the alley around me. It seemed like an eternity then suddenly someone strode out of the darkness behind me.

I whipped around to face my new potential opponent but suddenly shock halted a murderous thrust of my fist towards their face as I recognized my new companion, the urchin I hired at the tavern! The young child grinned, holding up a finger to his lips as he moved past me to the door and twisted the heavy ring handle counter-clockwise. There was a click and suddenly the door swung open smoothly.

Once inside he led me through a labyrinth of ruined rooms, in some cases we climbed stairs, in others we descended. On more than one occasion we stepped through holes onto open rooftops and between buildings, or crawled through a hole knocked between two adjacent buildings. After only two minutes I was thoroughly confused, my innate sense of direction had been completely confounded by our meandering path. Eventually ahead though there was a glow from a sealed away little room.

As we entered it, Diastra and a wizened old man turned to greet us. Diastra had her usual charming sneer on her lips, but her companion was even stranger. He looked to be nearly a hundred, his face a patchwork of old scars and wrinkles; and his legs looked even worse. They had been shattered and broken in some ancient assault, that much was evident through the thin blanket he wrapped over them. The strangest thing about him though was his eyes, those strange and wondrous eyes! Not a speck of his age was in his eyes which were clear and wicked, they alighted as we entered and I presented the key to Diastra.

Before I could even hand the key to my bandit friend he had greedily snatched it from my grasp with a surprising strength. He spun to a large workbench next to him, a single candle upon it illuminating an amazing collection of files, rasps, random keys and other metal working tools I would never know the name of. The old man chuckled as he worked, picking up a key from a hook without looking and busily began making modifications to it.

I slipped closer to Diastra as my urchin friend moved over to the old man. The young lad was the first to speak. "Can you duplicate it, Rathen?" There was a chuckle from the old man as he nodded, simply snipping off part of the key he was working on.

The old man, Rathen apparently, glanced up at the child before he began to speak, his hands never ceasing their labors. "This key and the lock for it were made by Korith on Imperial Road, Naz, my boy! He's a blow hard, always tries to impress the nobles with fancy scrollwork on the surface of their locks, but the man couldn't make more than a four tumbler if he tried, and he didn't in this case. Always so sloppy with his work, especially if he doesn't think it's important." As he spoke he glanced down at the copy he was making and the key I had brought. Without even looking at me he tossed the original over his shoulder and straight into my hands.

"Pay the man, Di, I don't need to see it again to finish this. Show the nice man back to his home, Naz." I started to move towards him but Diastra placed a hand on my arm to stop me, the ancient fellow was lost in his world now, crafting and forming without a thought now to those around him. Diastra offered me a sinister smile and dropped a small pouch of coins into my hand before the young boy grabbed my arm and started tugging me towards the door.

The route we took when we left was different. We still moved through ancient buildings, but now they were nearly all occupied, by squatters and transients or poor rentors. Again on occasion we left the buildings to dart across rooftops or through narrow alleyways or climbed out of windows overlooking squalid little gardens in the center of a group of buildings. By and large though most of our travels were off the streets and underground. I was amazed, I knew the city was old and twisted, but this boy knew ways to avoid detection that had never even entered my wildest dreams.

In the end we began traveling through basements, connected by either commonality or storm water sluices or simple holes beaten and dug between them. I knew we were getting close to the Bordello, as any buildings closer to the harbor than it often didn't have basements, being below the waterline of the soil. Finally he led me up and out of cellar and we crept stealthily across the floor of a home, my young friend casually stealing an apple from a bowl before he gestured to the door and disappeared back the way we came. I slowly opened the door and slipped outside, astonished to find that I had just exited the building directly opposite my own home.

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